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Living Out Our Christian Faith as Women

Living out our faith on a daily basis involves making decisions that could essentially effect our eternal life.
Being a Christian is more than going to church, owning a Bible, and attending Bible study.
Anybody can own a Bible or go to church.
The condition of your faith life is a direct result of the orientation of your heart.
Are you being fruitful, bearing those fruits of the spirit?
Are you submitting to your husband?
Do you lovingly serve your family and put their needs before yours?
Even though it sounds boring to many, following sound Biblical doctrine is extremely important. It is so easy to be led astray by flashy displays of Christianity that are mererly shallow and lack substance.
Being a woman in a society that promotes the selfish pursuit of a career over a family sends a conflicting message to many mothers and wives who fall victims to this line of thinking.
We are called to be keepers of our home, where the home is our place of work and servititude.
This is not to say we shall not have a job outside the home, but then what is the most important?
Who are you serving?
Who is getting the best of your time?
Managing our homes in order to make them a haven shall be considered one of the highest callings for women.
Biblical womanhood is more than studying devotions with our Christian sisters.
It is a the role that the Lord designated for us to live out. Obviously, we cannot all live the same life.
Some of us are childless and some of us are called to a lifetime of singleness.
Yet we serve the same Lord.
We are all called to be the keepers of our homes, wherever or whatever that may be for us.
A woman seeking spiritual discernment in the search of wisdom for her faith walk is one of the most beautiful things.
Wisdom is different than intelligence.
Wisdom tells us what is right and wrong, and points us in the direction of Godly life.
Ladies, may you continue in the pursuit of what is holy, pure, and good.  Keep your heart oriented towards the heavens.
Avoid the noise of the world and distractions that threaten to lead you away from the cross.
Be blessed,
Stephanie Malcolm,
Training Keepers of the Home

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