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Nine Reasons to Keep Your House Clean

Developing Habits that Result in a Clean Home

Most stay-at-home moms want to have a clean home, but many do not have the habits that result in a clean home.

*Do you spend all day on Pinterest searching for tips and hacks on how to have a clean home, or how to develop habits that result in a clean home?

If so, you are not alone.  We know as homemakers it is important our homes be clean and organized.

However, why is it so important?

1.  A chaotic house = chaotic life.

The world is chaotic enough. Why should your home be crazy? Your home should be your sanctuary where your loved ones can find rest.

Be the calm in this world.  Let your home be a peaceful tranquil place for your family. Your home should be an oasis in the storm.  A dirty, unkempt house is not calm nor very relaxing. It creates a feeling of being out of control. If you have no control of your house and the state of cleanliness, there is no control for your family.

2.  Sickness Control:

An unclean house is a breeding ground for germs and viruses that can cause your family to become ill.  Maintaining a regular cleaning of your house can dramatically decrease the amount of illness within the four walls of your house.

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3.  Save Time

A clean and organized home is an efficient home. In an cluttered or unclean home, time is wasted when spent looking for lost items. Or if items are dirty, time is spent having to clean them up.

4. Save Money

In an organized home you will not have to replace lost items because you will know exactly where they are. Also, in a clean home items tend to last longer because they are being properly maintained.

5.  Hospitality

If your house is clean, you’re more likely to be hospitable and invite others over. What is more inviting than a clean house, snacks, and great fellowship?

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6.  Less Stress, Less Anxiety

It has been proven the clutter, chaos, and the level of cleanliness directly affects your mental state. Keeping your house clean and organized will help to eliminate unnecessary stress and anxiety.

7.  Sleep Better

Your family will be able to sleep better because you’re happier in a clean room. Your mind is not being cluttered with anything but rest and a good nights sleep.  A feeling of accomplishment will add to a restful nights sleep, too.

8.  Good Stewardship

The Lord has blessed you with a home, whether it be big or small. It is still a blessing. Providing your husband and children with a clean home is a way to demonstrate good stewardship in the Lord’s provisions.

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9.  Creativity Abounds

By providing your home with a clean atmosphere and no clutter taking up precious space; your family will have the space to be creative. Creativity thrives in an organized environment.

A clean home should be a priority for all homemakers. In Titus 2:5, women are called to be busy at home. One way to be busy is to maintain a clean home. It is not about perfection, but the heart of the home is the people who live there. Do all you can with what the Lord has given you.

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11 thoughts on “Nine Reasons to Keep Your House Clean

  1. Finally someone else who feels the same way as I do. While my house isnt always immaculately clean, it is an important task that we work at each day. It feels so good to go to bed with a clean house and wake up fresh to a clean home. I feel like we have to take care of what God has blessed us with. Trying to teach our children that at a young age also.

  2. Absolutely true! If things are messy, I have to clean up before I can even work. But I too often let clutter get out of hand even though I understand these things. Thanks for the encouragement to do better.

    1. I cannot stand a mess left for too long for the exact reason of things getting out of control.

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