Why I Like Living in the Country

I grew up and still live in the country. In fact, where I live in the country is often considered ‘too remote’ by some friends and family.

Whether it be the remote location of our home, the mosquitos, or wild animals, such as bear that live in our backyard; country living is not for the faint of heart.

Or maybe its the fact we have one grocery store and if you want a big city you must drive a minimum of three hours a way.

Mud bogs, two-trackin’, campfires, hunting, and fishing are a just a few favorite things that we do in northern Michigan.

For my large family country living is perfect for us in many ways.

Front Porch Living

If you know me, than you know that my happy place is on my front porch. I spend hours on the front porch either alone or with my family.

It is peaceful and quiet, and can be perfect for reading my Bible or editing a blog post. My children and I eat most of our summer meals on the porch. We won’t even mention the number of popsicles consumed on our front porch…..

Playing Outside

Whether walking, running, sitting, or biking children need fresh air and the chance to move freely. Being outside is good for all ages, but it integral to the healthy development of a child.

Did you know that children who play outside increase their chances of being smarter and healthier?

Play is one of the most beneficial activities for children. Click here to learn more benefits of why play is good for children.

My children are in their glory when outside. Today they were all about breaking apart rocks to find the “crystals” inside of them, organizing their play area, biking, looking for mushrooms, and playing with the dog.

And of course nobody can play outside without getting dirty, muddy, or skinned knees from falling out of a tree or tripping over a rock.

The best part of any childhood should include skinned knees, ripped jeans, and dirty faces.

Five Common Values to Teach Your Children


Being outside as much as we can is very important to our family. And here in northern Michigan, being outside is important to most people. It is here we live, play, eat, and work.

Stories are told, meals are eaten, and memories are made when one spends time outside.

With there being so much to see and do, we find it nearly impossible to stay indoors once the temps start climbing and the snow melts.

With nearly every tree is full bloom and the air fragrant with all the aromas of our flowering trees; one cannot but help be blessed by taking in the Lord’s creation.

What about you, do you love being outside? Would you consider yourself a country gal or a city gal?

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I would love to hear from you. Leave me a comment or show me a picture of where you live.

Be Blessed

Stephanie, Training Keepers of the Home

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