What Your Husband Needs From You (and no, it’s not sex!)

Keeping with the theme of Christian marriage and great blog articles, today I am honored to have guest, Denise Renae, from her blog. She will explain to us what your husband needs from you, and not its not sex!

Denise explains why a critical spirit and lack of encouragement are just a few of the things that can damage a marriage relationship. As wives there are certain responsibilities we have when it comes to the relationship with our husbands.

Please join me today in reading Denise’s words of wisdom on how to encourage our own husband…..

What Your Husband Needs From You (and no, it’s not sex!)

There is one thing that is missing in most marriage relationships. One thing that the woman lacks in giving to her husband. Our culture’s image of marriage these days is deteriorating more and more each year. People are becoming more selfish. They are so selfish that they only think of what “they” need in the marriage, rather than what their spouse needs in the marriage.

So lets dive into the responsibility of the role as the wife. (Sorry to be one sided, women, but if we take action with this one thing, I believe it could transform our marriages!)

If you want to understand your husband’s heart, one of the best books you could read is Wild at Heart by John Eldredge. Most men have dreams. Some have such big dreams that it’s hard for the wife to grasp the vision and to actually believe in him. So what do most women tend to do? She becomes critical and doesn’t believe in him which leads directly to discouragement to the man’s heart.

The one thing your husband needs from you is YOUR ENCOURAGEMENT!

In the marriage, most times you are the determining factor as to whether or not your man pursues his dream.

The question is… are you tearing your husband down? And are you tearing that dream of his down? Or, are you encouraging him in it and believing in him?

That dream might seem risky. That dream might seem crazy. But are you willing to risk it with him and be his biggest encouragement and support?


Pursuing something you’ve never done before is hard.

But once you start receiving encouragement after encouragement from the people closest to you, your thoughts start changing, right? Your mind starts telling you that you can do this. You start actually believing in yourself.

This is how your husband operates. Since you two are one in spirit and in flesh… HE NEEDS YOU!

He needs you to help him believe that he can do this.

You’ve heard it many times, “be your husband’s biggest cheerleader.” Are you doing that? Or does he have other cheerleaders in his life? Does he share his thoughts and ideas to others only because he knows they will listen and believe in him.


My husband is a dreamer- he chases after his dreams with everything he’s got! Over the last seven years of our marriage, the Lord has guided me and showed me the importance of trusting and encouraging my husband.

This past year my husband had a dream. Most people had a hard time believing this was actually going to happen. But he had me. He had me to remind him of the promise God gave us. He had me to daily encourage him to press through. He had me to believe in him.

Here is a short overview of our story-

February of 2016, my husband and I found a piece of property that we knew we were suppose to purchase (here is the story more in depth). We went through seven months of discouragement after discouragement from banks, people, and circumstances- road block after road block. Through the favor and promise of God, our faith, my husband’s determination, and my support, we purchased this property last September. My husband has told me over and over again that if I wouldn’t have supported him 100% in this, we wouldn’t be where we are now.

We have seen God’s sufficient grace and favor on our lives like never before! We had a very hard journey getting here. But you can click here to see how the whole story unfolded.

Your husband needs you. Give him this one thing and it could transform your marriage and your dreams!


There will be times your husband might fail (we’re not perfect, right?). If that happens, don’t let that be an excuse to not support him in his next dreams or pursuits.

We all learn from our failures. Thomas Edison tried how many different times trying to create the light bulb. He failed over and over again! Eventually he succeeded, and he created the light bulb.

So much is learned through failures. Your husband will learn, he will grow, he will get there.


Your encouragement will boost your husband to take that leap of faith and pursue his dreams! Encourage him daily. Remind him that you are fully supporting him in this journey and that you believe in him!

Him taking that leap of faith is what could possibly take you further than you ever imagined!

Success is not an amount of money you have in your bank account. I believe, success is surpassing the dreams and goals you have set in your life.

Your husband needs you. Give him this one thing and it could transform your marriage and your dreams!

My challenge to you- be his cheerleader! Encourage him in his dreams. Be his number one support and encouragement! HE NEEDS YOU!

Don’t underestimate the power your encouragement and support can have on your husband.

What dreams does your husband have? Have you seen your husband thrive because of the support you’ve provided him?


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