What is Wrong with America? Your Input is Needed!

America is in a tumultuous state of affairs, with political and social strife right at the top of the list.

Differences based on politics, theories, and religion are some of the main divisive factors.

Some fear the loss of unity in our country to extreme beliefs that threaten to tear apart the very core of the USA. Some have said that America is not the great country we once were.

Some have said that men are unnecessary to make a family.
Some have said that the Constitution and/or the Bible are antiquated and obsolete in order to run our country.

With all of these differences, social issues, threats of civil unrest, disrespect for authoritative figures, and lack of common unity as a country; America is on shaky ground.

Because of this I am collecting data for an upcoming blog post on this state of affairs and am seeking YOUR thoughts and opinions regarding these issues and possible solutions.

Your input is extremely valuable and needed for my research, if you would kindly you take the time to answer me on my facebook page, comment below, or email me at stephaniemalcolmauthor@gmail.com.

Please comment below if you would like to participate in some research that I am doing for an upcoming blog post on the status of America and what can be done to bring it back.

Thank you in advance.

Stephanie Malcolm, Training Keepers of the Home

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