War Room: Where Do You Pray?


You probably have seen the movie War Room and are familiar with its theme on the power of prayer. In the movie, Miss Clara (one of the main characters) shows Elizabeth a special closet she has dedicated to praying and calls it her “War Room” because as she puts it, “In order to stand up and fight the enemy, you need to get on your knees and pray.”

Prayer is essential for a Christian’s daily walk.  We need prayer in order to have fellowship with Jesus Christ.

My War Room

In the movie, Miss Clara’s war room was her closet. She was able to post her prayer requests on the wall so she could see them daily. However, my ‘war room’ is what see you in the picture, my trusty old glider and ottoman that I have had for over eighteen years.

My husband and I bought this chair as our first purchase as a married couple.  This chair holds many memories for me. I have rocked my babies to sleep and nursed them as newborns. I have sat with the wiggly toddlers and read numerous books to them. My teen daughter has sat in my lap in this and we laugh at how big she is now.

I have cried so many times in this chair over pregnancy losses, familial relationships that have gone bad, and financial nightmares. This chair has held me during hours of prayer and praise in the early morning hours.  I have sat many times in this chair watching my children do their homework, play on the floor, or open their Christmas gifts. This chair held me for many sleepless nights after we learned that our son David was going to die.  This chair has been through a lot. So it is this chair that has become my ‘war room’ in a sense.

Chair = War Room

When my children see me in this chair they do not hesitate to climb up with a book or blanket, or for a quick snuggle. However, they know if they see me in the chair praying or reading that they are to sit quietly until I am done.

Distractions happen. Life happens.

Regardless, I still need time in my war room. This chair comforts me as I pray for protection over my children and strength for my husband.  Sadly, the day is going to come when this chair no longer is functioning.

I am aware I can pray anywhere, but there is something to be said about going to the same place to have quiet time with the Lord.

A ‘war room’ does not have to be a fancy secluded room within your house to pray. Essentially you can pray anywhere, armed with the right tools.

What are the right tools?




Post It Notes

Blanket or prayer shawl


To take notes, prayer requests, and praise reports.

These are my go-to tools each and every time.  I prefer the quietness of the mornings before my family wakes up. Just not too long ago I went through a very brief stage when I had fallen away from my quiet time and my life greatly suffered.  Now that I am back on track that joy has been restored.

How to Make Your Own War Room

If you are one of the already blessed ones who have a space dedicated to your daily quiet time, then this may not be as helpful for you. However, if you are not then here a few tips to get you going on finding a ‘war room’ of your very own.

  1.  Caddy: a caddy that can go with you. In the caddy keep your tools, that I listed above.
  2.  Comfortable chair to sit on
  3.  Small table: to write on, set your cup on
  4.  Private spot:  This could be a closet, a corner of any room, or simply a room that you can shut the door to.

The purpose of a ‘war room’ is a place for you to go on a daily basis to read and mediate on God’s word, to pray, and to journal.

Be consistent on this. Make it a part of your daily routine. You will be blessed and growing ever more deeper in your relationship with the Lord.


Stephanie, Training Keepers of the Home


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5 thoughts on “War Room: Where Do You Pray?

  1. What a lovely place for your prayer time! My “war room” has been in many different places over the years… seated on the floor in the hallway outside of my son’s room as he slept, in my art studio, in our master bedroom during the day, and even in the family room joined by a friend to pray over our families and our nation. You speak so much wisdom: how sweet it is to have a special place, but it isn’t necessary. This is a wonderful post, Stephanie! Thank you for reminding us all of the absolute importance of our time with God. Have a beautiful New Year!

    1. I pray that you have the most blessed year as well Lynn. I do truly appreciate your support on my blog 🙂 It means so much to me.

  2. I wish that I had the space for my own war room, but it is so true that you can have your own anywhere with the proper mindset.

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