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Two Facts to Consider When You Struggle with Homemaking

Are you a stay-at-home mom who struggles with homemaking?

Is the desire of your heart to be a homemaker because you feel it is important and that you are honoring God’s will for your life?

But maybe it does not come easy for you and you have wondered:

Do I have to love all aspects of homemaking as the keeper of my home?

Is it normal to have struggles with ________________________ (insert any task here)?

Perhaps, you are like millions of other women who don’t like folding laundry, washing dishes, organizing, cooking, or grocery shopping. And it makes you feel like something is wrong with you.

Two Facts to Consider When You Struggle with Homemaking

Truth #1: There Will Be Things In Life That You Don’t Want To Do

Growing up my parents taught me there were always going to be foods, tasks, or people that I do not like. However, despite that fact I was never given the option of getting out of the task, not eating the food, or ignoring the person.

If anything I was taught to do the task the best that I could, try the food and eat all of it, and still be kind to those I did not care for.

This concept applies to homemaking tasks as well. For example, if you don’t like folding laundry the task still needs to be done and not ignored.

Can you imagine a home where tasks are ignored because you don’t want to do them? Piles of laundry would easily accumulate, dishes would be left to take over the kitchen, dirt and dust bunnies multiply on the floor, and bills sit unpaid waiting for you to pay attention.

While this may make you chuckle, the truth is that it is easy to get to this place in your homemaking if those ‘unliked’ tasks are ignored or put off because you don’t like them.

In fact, we are told in 1 Corinthians 10:31 that, “whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.

This means that all tasks must be done for the glory of God and as homemakers we must do our best to get them done. How this looks for you will be different than it did for me.

If you fall into the category of women who despise a certain area of homemaking and feel that you are exempt from performing that task or duty, your heart may be in the wrong place.

When I was first married, I struggled with the lack of desire to wash dishes. So my dishes sat (often for days) before I washed them. Meanwhile, the more I saw the pile growing the more overwhelmed I became and the more I ignored the pile.

Eventually, I began to pray over this area and while it was not an immediate change of heart. I can say that today, I love to hand wash all of my dishes. It has become my time to listen to worship music or podcasts, or pray. And I very much look forward to doing dishes every day and do it for the ‘glory of God.’

Truth #2: We Are Not All Made the Same

Growing up I was surrounded by an entire village of homemakers, and each was as different as the next. While my mother was an early riser who loved to get all of her household chores done before we woke up; my favorite aunt was more relaxed in the homemaking department and did her tasks at the end of the day.

Both women got their tasks completed but just did it differently.

I have a friend that does not like to cook (at all), but yet she loves to bake. She knows that she has to feed her family, so she rewards herself with baking after the cooking is completed.

I can honestly say that I do not like to organize the bills and file them, but they still have to get done. However, I do love to have a clean office area and that is the only way I can get it to happen. And I have friends who love the organizing part of an office, especially the paperwork. It is because God has made us all different.

How boring would this world be if we were all the same?

Just as God created two different genders, He has also created each woman differently from the next. We were all fearfully and wonderfully made. (Psalm 139:14) The truth is that we all have different personalities, gifts, strengths, and interests. That is what makes us so unique.

And even in the mundane, God has plans for you. Part of His plan involves you cultivating a grateful heart right where you are, TODAY!

Embrace who you are and the way God made you. And while we are all made differently as women, use those strengths and talents in a God-given way to glorify Him.

If you love to organize, then that is a strength and go for it! Organize your little heart out. Go ahead and bake, cook, clean, declutter, garden, sew, can produce, decorate your home, and whatever else you may love to do! Praise God for those interests, passions, and strengths and use them to best of your homemaking advantage!

Seek to please Him with your role as a homemaker, even with those tasks you do not like to do, too.

This means that you must do those tasks that you don’t like to do, even the laundry.

It is possible to find the joy in homemaking and thrive as a homemaker while doing everything for the glory of God.

Be Blessed,

Stephanie, Training Keepers of the Home

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