Learning to Be Still When You’re Always in a Hurry

Life is busy. Life can become chaotic.

Too much busyness can cause stress. Stress is not healthy for your mental, emotional, physical, or your spiritual health.

How do you unwind?





Talk to somebody?


Even in trying to unwind you are still doing something. How often do you sit still? No television, phones, nothing. No noise.

My life has been overwhelmingly crazy lately. I usually chalk it up to life as a mom of six. I take it in stride. I usually have a humorous approach to it. Yet, it still gets to me.

I was having one of those days just a few days ago. As I was reading my friend Jessica’s blog,  Inspire the Mom, I saw her latest blog post, Learning to Be Still When You Are always in a Hurry. Her post was an excellent reminder it was for me to ‘be still’ and do nothing.

We all need these little reminders in life to ‘be still’ and unplug from life. So if you are in need of some encouragement regarding a fast-paced lifestyle, please read the words from my friend, Jessica. Jessica is a married and busy mom of three. She hopes to inspire you with words as it pertains to real life.

I know you will find her as encouraging as I do.

Learning to Be Still When You Are Always in a Hurry

On the way to the hospital. Labor pains increasing. Our second child was getting ready to make his appearance. I probably had stayed home a little too long, but how did I know that my contractions were going to go from nine to two minutes apart? We had about a thirty-minute drive which Mr. Coppertop was determined to cut in half.

It was a cold, sunny November morning and the pain was getting intense. I would stare off and grip the side of the car door as my contractions got harder. I just wanted to be still. I knew that if I could be still, I could focus on making it through the pain. I could pause, connect, and possibly even enjoy. But instead, I was feeling panicked about making it there in time, possibly crashing, the contractions, and the bumps. Ugh! The bumps!

While I’m so relieved that I don’t have to face the urgency of childbirth every day, sometimes it still feels like life is a series of emergencies. Always rushing from one crisis to the next. Putting out one fire only to turn around and find another. Ever chasing and never resting. A blurred rush of chaos. When all I want is to be still. Knowing that I’m called to be still.

But who has time to be still? I need to hurry up and quiet the screaming baby before she wakes the others. I need to urge the kids to get their socks and shoes on before we are late. I need to hurry up and create blog content so I can post in the morning. I need to hurry up and make dinner so we can have time to gives baths and fold the laundry before bed.

Hurry. Hurry. Hurry. I don’t like the constant feeling of urgency. It’s like trying to grasp at the wind. Ever reaching but never attaining, and at the end of a hurried day, I just feel empty and exhausted. I’ve shared that I’m working on being more thankful in my day to day, but what I’m discovering is that it doesn’t work when I am in a hurry. Because being grateful requires me to be still, to stop moving, stop chasing, and stop grasping at a vapor long enough to meditate on my blessings.

No wonder it’s reiterated all through scripture to be still. To be thankful. To praise. God knows our propensity to rush and squander time. He also knows what would bring us the most peaceful and fulfilled life. He knows what fills our soul and He calls us to it. Be still…Be still…Be still..

The chaos and volume of motherhood will not vanish away, and being still won’t always equal silence. Perhaps, in the noise, it is even more important for us to make a conscious effort to be still. To stop the hurried pace. To smell the flowers or look up at the stars. To bend over and kiss their dirty little faces or laugh at their silly jokes…and be thankful.

What are you thankful for today?

You can find Jessica on facebook at Inspire the Mom. Or on her blog.

4 thoughts on “Learning to Be Still When You’re Always in a Hurry

  1. Oh Goodness! I’ve got so much to be thankful for. You are so right that sometimes life happens so fast that we are just doing good to keep up and don’t really take the time to stop and be still in those precious moments. Motherhood is a big, ginormous job, but so much of a blessing too. As a mom of a 22 year old in the Air Force, a 19 year old college student, and an 8 year old (going on 20), I will never have those itty-bitty baby years back but oh how sweet it is to cherish where we are in this life and who is with us. We are not promised tomorrow. Be mindful. Great post!

  2. Great thoughts. We are so used to being constantly entertained or involved in something these days that I think it’s hard to remember that being still (or even bored!) is a good thing. Clearing the mind is so important. Being still does give us an opportunity to be thankful.

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