Training Our Children Up in the Way They Should Go

Today I was blessed with another car ride with four of my children as I drove them to school.

Every day it is the same routine. 

Nothing changes except our conversation, which my kids have dubbed “Mom’s Daily Encouragement” because I am always talking about something.

Monday, we talked about being the LIGHT to others.

Tuesday, we discussed self discipline.

Wednesday: we discussed social etiquette and focused on time management. Brought up because we have one child who is chronically SLOW and really slows our groove in the mornings.

Thursday, the topic was deception and how we become numb to our sin. 

Friday, today we talked about self control and not following the world, but instead choosing the WORD.

These conversations are my 20 minutes that my children are trapped in a car with me 🤣 and have no where else to go. I take advantage of this time. 

These conversations are almost always based on issues/concerns/misbehaviors/ that occur within our own family.

At least once a week, I find myself asking for forgiveness for my attitude, which in turn becomes the topic. 

It is not easy to be so forthcoming, but as a mother I cannot expect my children to speak the truth, become less prideful, or use etiquette if I don’t myself. 

I have no itinerary when I encourage, besides ‘training my children up in the way they should go.’

These topics always come back to a verse or Scripture that I can point them to. Otherwise, it is strictly my opinion.

My children may not like these conversations or may be bored by them. However, I have found they do listen and often come back to talk about it later.

I would rather send them to school with a daily dose of encouragement than nothing at all.

Ladies, now you may be reading this and thinking, “what is this lady trying to do? Make me feel guilty?” 

Believe me when I say this dear sweet Mamas~~that your words are so important to those precious hearts that live under your roof.

Maybe you have to divide custody of your children, maybe you have older children, or maybe you feel as if you words won’t have an impact on your children.

BUT, let me tell you something~~you are impacting your children. 

When you bring them to church, pray for them, read devotions to them, talk to them about characters in the Bible, and all that you do; YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!

Whether you’re a working mama, homeschooling mama, or you send your children to school; take advantage of that TIME to train them in the ways of the Lord.

Because if you don’t, the WORLD will through television, media, friends, peer pressure, and so many other ways.

Be blessed.

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