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Hello ladies.  I am so glad you are here. What a blessing it is to have you join me today!

This blog, Training Keepers of the Home, is my little corner of cyberspace where I love to teach and encourage you in your walk as keeper of your home.  On Training Keepers of the Home we cover a lot of ground, such as frugality, marriage, parenting, homekeeping, faith, and encouragement from a Christian perspective.

And just here lately I have been asked to compile a list of my top resources and articles for homemakers. Instead of creating page after page, which would get boring and nobody would read it; I took my top articles, pages, and resources and put them together in one blog post. How I determined this was by taking those with the most views, comments, and shares on social media and on the internet.

Now here they are in one easy post to share, use, and review with others. You may find it easier to bookmark this page and come back later because there is lot of information in this one post, which you may not be able to read at one time.

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