19 Actionable Time-Saving Tips for the Homemaker

Who Doesn’t Love Saving Time?

A very important part of being a homemaker is learning how to manage our time.

And usually, at one point in our homemaking careers, we struggle with time management. Once we learned a few time-saving hacks, practice them, and allow them to become a habit we become more effective managers of our time.

Below are some of my favorite hacks for saving time at home.

Time Saving Tips

*If you have time to make a loaf of bread, double that and freeze the extras. This concept can be used in practically any meal preparation.

*As soon as you bring toilet paper home from the store, restock all bathrooms. Do this with all toiletries and household consumables, rather than allowing them to occupy space on your countertops or sitting on your stairs for days on end. Make it a habit to put items where they belong.

*Never waste a moment of idle time, especially if you’re talking on the phone. Sweep a floor, fold some laundry, or do some light dusting. You will be amazed at what you can get done in 5-10 minute increments of time.

*If you are going to cook ground beef, cook it all, divide it, and freeze for later use. This can be done for chicken and other meats as well.

*Keep a donation box ready. Each time that you find something you no longer need, toss it in the donation box.  Every two weeks, I will stop by our local thrift stores to make a delivery of the boxed contents. I have been practicing this for the past 20 years and it has saved me so much time, space, and energy in the long run.

*Keep an ongoing grocery shopping list. This is an effective way to eliminate last-minute trips to the grocery store.

*Make enough sandwiches for the entire month. Wrap well and freeze them. You can prepare peanut butter and jelly sandwiches ahead of time. They freeze well. Just take them out the morning of the day you plan on eating them. Grilled cheese sandwiches can be made ahead of time, but not grilled. Turkey sandwiches or other meat sandwiches can be made ahead of time, too.

*Fill up water bottles the night before, set out lunch boxes, and have everything ready to go in the morning for packing lunches.

*Do preventative cleaning, clean up as you go, and it will save you time in the long run. Instead of stepping over spilled messes, ignoring an overflowing garbage bin, or not washing dishes; get ’em done. Doing the chore actually takes less time than what you think, but by procrastinating you’ll spend more time doing the chore if you allow time to lapse.

*Fold laundry as soon as it comes from the dryer, hang it up, and put it away. This will also prevent wrinkling of clothes and saving you time from ironing.

*Keep a running grocery list of things that you need to buy. You won’t be scrambling later trying to remember what you need to buy.

*When driving with your children, take advantage of short lapses of time to recite Scripture, pray aloud, or talk about what you’re grateful for. These moments count.

*No time to clean your vehicle–but you have 15 minutes? At least spend a few minutes picking up all of the trash, clothing, and other items floating around your vehicle. Shake the car mats out well. This will improve the look of your vehicle immensely. (For a fresher smelling car, place a wrapped but open bar of Dial soap under your seat.)

*After you are done with a shower, take a squeegee and remove all excess water. This will prevent water spots from forming.

*Before leaving a room grab anything that does not belong there and put it in the proper spot.

*Guests arriving unexpectedly? Open a few windows for fresh air, vacuum the welcome mat, light a candle, make sure your bathroom is presentable, remove toys, books, and magazines that are on the couch, and get some coffee going.

*Cook Once, Eat Twice This is one my favorite hacks in the kitchen. You can easily double your favorite recipes and either eat the same dish a couple of times in one week or put the extra batch in the freezer for an easy meal another week.  This can also be done with desserts, too.

*Shop online. The older I get the more I love shopping online. If I would have known about Amazon Prime Pantry when my children were younger, it would have been such a lifesaver. Other methods include Jet.com, Walmart curbside pickup, and Instacart.

*Everything has a home. This one is simple and probably the most effective. Put everything in its place. If it does not have a place, create one for it.

What are your time-saving tips? What do you do to remain productive?

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