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Three Basic Truths that Will Help You Manage Your Time Better as a Homemaker

Time, Like Money, Must Be Budgeted

Many of you know that my husband and I are huge Dave Ramsey fans. Dave Ramsey taught my husband and me how to manage our money better, become debt-free, build our emergency fund, and plan for retirement.

Dave Ramsey is a financial advisor who loves to teach others how to budget their money. The goal of budgeting money is to spend your money on paper. It is a plan that tells your money where to go.

Just as following a budget is wise, budgeting your time is a smart move, too. However, instead of showing you how you’re spending your money; it is showing you how to spend your time.

Time and money are similar in that they both get spent. Money is spent to purchase items. Time is spent on activities.

In my article on time management using Dave Ramsey’s principles, you can learn how to budget your time better.

To Waste Time is To Squander a Gift from God

Is your day full of distractions?

Did you know that there are timewasters and distractions that prevent homemakers from effectively managing their homes?

Everybody has the same amount of time per day.

24 hours in a day.
Seven days a week.
365 days a year.

There is one thing that you cannot change and that is the amount of time we have on any given day.

If you are unsure about any time wasters in your day, you may be surprised at the 8 Most Common Distractions of Homemakers.

Biblical Home Management is Done for God’s Glory

In Proverbs 31:27, it states that “She looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.”   As Christ-followers and homemakers, we have a specific calling to manage our homes.

By managing our homes we put the needs those that live within our four walls above our own. We are serving the Lord by managing our homes.  Managing our homes provides the opportunity to glorify the Lord through our actions.

Managing our homes has a significant and profound impact on our children and husbands. Our job has eternal purposes.

Time management is essential in the management of our homes. As the keepers of our homes, we are not just responsible for ourselves, but also our husband and children.

We have a huge responsibility within our role as we run our household, raise children, feed our family, clean our homes, manage the schedule, and all of the tasks. Our job is not to be taken lightly.


The Lord, our God has given us today to live and embrace fully. You may not be out scaling a rock wall, working at a prestigious law firm in some high rise building, or wearing the most fashionable clothes; but our jobs as moms and wives are important.

We are the keepers of our homes and those in it.

Within the walls of our homes are the most precious gifts we will ever receive here on earth.

We need to value our roles and take our jobs seriously, and learning how to manage our time is vital to effective management.

When you learn how to spend your time wisely by planning ahead and always thinking ahead; you become more efficient at using your time.

We have the choice of binge-watching Netflix or reading our Bibles, scrolling on social media or playing a board game with our children, or sleeping in that extra hour or going for a walk.

How you spend your time is up to you. However, remember it is a gift from God and choose wisely.

Be Blessed,

Stephanie, Training Keepers of the Home

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