Keepers of the Home and Scripture for Biblical Homemaking


Fight the Good Fight

While it is an honor and such a blessing to be in this God-appointed position as the managers of our home, it is not often without discouragement. At times we can easily find ourselves lacking in joy, contentedness,  or passion for our calling in this ministry. It is important that we are daily refreshed and reminded of our purpose.

The tasks of our job can become daunting and overwhelming if we are not careful to guard our thoughts and heart.  Even after twenty years, I will find myself beginning to have one of those days where life seems to drag me down. And it is on those days I turn to Scripture so that the word of the Lord can comfort, guide and energize me for the work ahead.


Mama’s and wives, I know we get tired.

I know that life happens.

It is easy to get side-tracked, but we must keep eternal eyes.  We must realize that the work set before us is not without divine purpose.

May I encourage you on those days to turn to Scripture and be reminded of your blessings.

Seek His face above all.

Give thanks and express gratitude for your calling and the blessings of Biblical homemaking.

Under Attack

In our roles as keepers of the home, we need to be prepared to defeat the enemy. The enemy is out to cause defeat for all.  He knows that our ministry is in our homes, so plan on being attacked. You must be prepared to fight the good fight every step of the way.

We can do that by learning to memorize Scripture.

We are Called to Learn and Memorize Scripture

Colossians 3:16, tells us to “let the word of Christ dwell in us richly” and Deuteronomy 6:4-9, tells us to bind God’s law on our foreheads, teach it to our children, talk about it wherever we go, and make it an integral part of our lives. We must know Scripture before we can teach it or be able to apply it as God desires.

The command to know and memorize Scripture is not a burden, instead, it’s life-giving.

Benefits of memorizing Scripture:

  • Memorizing Scripture renews our mind and transforms our life.
  • Memorizing Scripture helps against temptation.
  • Memorizing Scripture helps us live in obedience.
  • Memorizing Scripture will bring God’s blessing to our lives.
  • Memorizing Scripture gives us a better understanding of God and his will.
  • Memorizing Scripture makes us wise.

The Bible is our go-to guide for all of life’s questions. This is where we should seek answers to our concerns, fears, and problems.  If encouragement or guidance is needed, Scripture should be the first place we turn to. Being prepared by having Scripture handy is one way to combat the attacks of the enemy on our homes and family.

I have compiled a list of Scriptures that you can download and print to have on hand. These Scriptures are specifically for homemaking and to give us encouragement in our daily walk.


  Scripture for Biblical Homemaking       


Stephanie, Training Keepers of the Home


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