Feminism, Gender Roles, and Biblical Womanhood

Blogging on Biblical Womanhood and Christian homemaking has been an eye opening journey for me.

It has caused me to read my Bible more, meditate on Scripture, seek the meaning behind the Scripture, weed out falsehoods, and understand why it was written.
The older I get, the more wisdom I have sought, and the more discernment I have gained.
Through this discernment I have learned a lot about feminism and the dangerous effects it has had on society over the past few decades.
It is through this ministry that I take a stand against feminism and the dangers that it presents to families all over.
The moral fabric of society long ago began to unravel with the advent of feminism and all of its effects.
More than ever mothers have returned to work, left their babies in daycare, and children are being raised in institutions, without the loving arms of their mother.
*****Before we go any further. I must say that some mothers are forced to work and put their children in daycare. The entire situation is out of their hands. In these rare cases when the mother wants to be home with her child and her heart is torn in two daily because she must work; my prayers are with you. I hold no judgement over you.*****
I am referring to the scads of women who joyfully return to work to ‘get away’ from their children because they’re ‘better mothers’ by having a career.
I am referring to the women who feel it is okay to leave their children in the care of an institution and feel that as long as the child is fed and kept safe, that the child is okay.


This is just one of the lies perpuated by feminism. Feminism whispers in women’s ears that we must put ourselves first and that our feelings and desires are the most important. That we must serve ourselves and make ourselves happy before we go on to anything else.
Feminism began destroying families years ago.
Feminism makes a mockery out of a man and his leadership position.
Feminism has caused many mothers to leave their too young nurslings behind as they returned to work, causing the babies to miss out on crucial bonding between mother and child.
Feminism has increased the numbers of abortion and allows many others to feel justified in their reasons for abortion.
I am not referring to the right to vote, equal pay, or job opportunities that once were the original root causes of feminism.
I am referring to modern feminism and the screaming liberals who demoralize and disrespect men, mock mothers who want to stay home, and preach that all of our daughters must go to college and that without a career they have no self worth.


As the keepers of our homes, it is important that we keep to what the Bible says. The Bible is not feminist. The Bible does not say that men are better than women.
Feminism screams “gender equality” when the genders are are already equal in God’s eyes.
The Bible has clearly defined roles for each gender. Blending the gender roles is not wise. Upsurping what God has laid down for a blueprint for the specific genders is not recommended, because of all of the destruction that is has caused.
If we are to encourage, educate, and edify on the concepts of Biblical Womanhood it must be done in a loving way, a nutruring way, and with the utmost kindess.

Encourage each other.

Be charitable.

Pray for each other.

Be patient with each other.

Keep teaching respect to your children.

Demonstrate the fruits of the Spirit.

And know that the battle you’re fighting is not an earthly one. Your children are not the enemies. Feminists or their ways of thinking are not the enemies.

We are fighting a spiritual battle. A battle for the souls of our families.

Mamas and wives, stay strong and keep praying.

Stephanie, Training Keepers of the Home

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