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The False Teachings of the Prosperity Gospel

The Word of Faith is a universal Protestant Christian movement which teaches that Christians can access the power of faith or fear through speech. (Wikipedia)

These teachings can be found on radio, the internet, television, and in many Charismatic denominations and communities.

Are you being duped by the word of faith movement?

Prosperity Gospel Names

Word of faith often goes by the following names (and these are called false teachers.

* “faith” movement *prosperity gospel

*name and claim it gospel *Pentacostal


Prosperity Gospel Teachers and Preachers

Here are just a few examples of these types of preachers (and false teachers) include:

*Kenneth Copeland *Joel Osteen *Joyce Meyer

*Jessie Duplantis *Rod Parsley

A simple google search will reveal many more names that could be added to this list that teach and preach these falsehoods.

Other Prosperity Examples to Avoid

Music, Media, and Doctrines are other ways that the prosperity gospel is spread, taught, and encouraged even without you being aware.

Take for example, the extremely popular Hillsong church and their worship. The most troubling is Hillsong’s take on the Word of Faith movement:

“We believe that God wants to heal and transform us so that we can live healthy and blessed lives in order to help others more effectively.” Going along with the teaching that God always wills to heal and that “blessed” equals “healthy” is the prosperity gospel, which adds that God wills to enrich us financially. In Pastor Brian Houston’s 1999 book You Need More Money, he promotes the prosperity gospel: “We have to become comfortable with wealth, and break the bondage, guilt and condemnation of impoverished thinking. Poverty is definitely not God’s will for His people. In fact, all His promises talk of blessing and prosperity” (page 8). Houston insists that he only promotes seeking wealth for unselfish purposes—such as investing in ministry—but it is hard to reconcile the idea that “poverty is definitely not God’s will” with Paul’s teaching to be “content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want” (Philippians 4:12, emphasis added). (Taken from Got

Media such as the Trinity Broadcasting Network is a major broadcaster of these type of messages and teachings.

Even though there is no official doctrine in the Word of Faith movement, the messages are the same.

False Teachings

False Teachings

1. And since that before the fall (the first sin) man was able to speak anything into existence, once he becomes at peace with God (through atonement of Jesus Christ) he can speak things into existence once again.

2. The Word of Faith movement says that man is made in the image of God and that we become “little gods” and have access to the same things that God has.

3. And also with the Word of Faith movement, the power of positivie confession is how they operate. With these teachings you are taught that just by speaking ‘positvely’ towards an ailment, idea, or action you are able to change the situation for the better.

For example, if you have a headache, you would say “by the power of Jesus Christ, I claim that I am healed from this headache.” (This is how they get the name it and claim it motto)

Essentially, just by confessing or claiming it aloud, you harness the power to change the situation.

This is a false belief and a very scary way to believe and follow.

Because by doing this, you are telling God that He must obey you and has no choice but to heal you of that headache, ailment, or illness.

4. Many believers of the Word of Faith movement state that those with chronic illnesses or serious problems have these problems because of the seriousness of their own sin.

They point out that you do not have enough faith to believe that can be healed of an ailment.

When I was pregnant with our son David Cooper and had learned that our unborn child had a fatal diagnosis, we were praying for a miracle but were completely at peace with any outcome.

A close friend told me that we did ‘not have enough faith and possibly had unconfessed sin’ if we were willing to accept that our son was going to die.
The final outcome of my unborn child rested with the Lord and nothing to do with a lack of faith or any unconfessed sin on our part.

5. One other key characteristics of the Word of Faith movement is the belief that God wants for Christians to be healthy and wealthy.

6. That faith is a force and we can be like God.

Does this means that only the rich and healthy are loved by God?


*Many Word-Faith teachers equate poverty with sin, including a lack of faith.

*Wealth, and health, needs to be “claimed” because Jesus through his atoning death has freed us from the curse of the law (Galatians 3:13), and we are now freed from all disease and poverty (Deuteronomy 28).

Ladies, this is not a true faith. It is a false religion complete with false teachers and false teachings.

You are being led astray if you follow these. The teachings of this movement are not Biblical and have rather serious implications for those who believe, practice, and follow.

Signs You’ve Been Duped by the Prosperity Gospel

  1. You believe that poverty is because you don’t have enough faith. And just by believing harder you can become rich or more affluent.
  2. You believe that Christian’s do not have to suffer here on earth. And just by ‘naming it and claiming it’ that your health can be restored.
  3. You believe in personal profit and gain (prosperity) more than spreading the actual Gospel.
  4. You believe with just enough faith, prayer, and ‘claiming’ or ‘speaking things’ into existence that you can fulfill all of your desires.

Regardless of what you believe, the prosperity Gospel is extremely dangerous theology to follow and base your life on.

The prosperity gospel is a false gospel because it makes people feel as if they have control of all of their material conditions. And that if people are holy, God will be generous in return.

Why is this gospel so attractive to others?

David Jones and Russell Woodbridge tackle these important questions in their book, Health, Wealth, and Happiness: How the Prosperity Gospel Overshadows the Gospel of Christ (Grand Rapids: Kregel, 2017).  Jones writes,

Don’t forget that what makes the prosperity gospel so attractive is that it caters to the desires of the fallen human heart. It promises much while requiring little. It panders to the flesh.

True Gospel

The true Gospel of Christ is almost the complete opposite of the prosperity Gospel.

True Gospel tells us that we are sinners and Christ died for us.

It also tells us that we have hope-eternal hope, in the renewal of all things.

Our eternal hope, not our earthly comfort, is why we should purse the truth. Also seeking to encourage others do so as well.

Be blessed,

Stephanie, Training Keepers of the Home

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