The Eleven Preventative Tips that Improved Our Family’s Health

Preventative Health and Home Remedies

Years ago, when all of my children were under the age of ten it seemed as if we were always sick and at the doctors.

But fast forward to the year 2019 and our health has dramatically improved.

While we still get sick, it has been lessened and there are shorter durations of the illnesses.

Previously, I would run myself or my children to the pediatricians office on what seemed to be a regular basis.

We were on a steady stream of medicines, antibiotics, and constant follow-up visits.

So what changed for our family?

*Our doctor visits have decreased by over 85%.

*Sicknesses and illnesses still occur but at a lesser frequency and the duration is lessened.

*Our overall health and well-being have changed.

What have we done differently?

1. We found a doctor that prescribes medicines only if absolutely needed. We tend to do more natural rememdies for healing and for the promotion of good health.

2. We use essential oils on a regular basis. We use eucalyptus oil for stuffy noses instead of a decongestant. We add lavendar to the bath before bedtime to promote restful sleep and relaxation. We add lemon oil to hot water to make our own tea. We diffuse oils throughout the house at times. Tea tree oil has amazing healing qualities to it as well.

3. We eat the right kinds of yogurt daily. We tend to skip the sugary and sweetened yogurts on the market by making our own and supplementing with daily probiotics.

4. We drink water as our main beverage. For years, we were soda and juice drinkers. By only offering water as the main beverage, our health has improved because we are keeping our teeth and gums healthier, lowering our blood sugar, and reducing the need for a ‘sweet’ drink at each meal.

5. We take vitamins and supplements. The main vitamins we take are vitamin c, a multivitamin, vitamin d, and vitamin b12. We also take fish oil, ginseng, and echinacea supplements.

6. We stopped eating fried and/or greasy foods. We choose to make healthier choices regarding our food. Even though we have some picky eaters, they are not always given a choice when it comes to meals and what they want to eat. Children will naturally tend to become pickier with food choices, if they are not encouraged to try new foods.

7. We exercise daily. (We did before, but now it is part of our routine). Whether its hauling wood, downhill skiing, sledding, walking the dog, or playing air hockey in our basement we encourage as much movement as possible.

8. We rarely watch television and we strictly limit media usage. This promotes movement and physical activity because we’re not always just sitting around.

9. We stopped getting the flu shot because of our doctor’s recommendation. We used to get sick each time that we had the injection, but we no longer do.

10. We take elderberry during the winter months as an immune support system. Elderberry can be taken in syrup form or chewable gummy form.

11. We use collodial silver. It can act as an alternative to antibiotics, stimulate the immune system, help with wound healing and skin conditions. It is odorless and tasteless, and can be easily added to foods without any detection.

Common Sense Practices

In the hopes of improving your health, common sense should be practiced as well such as the following:

Washing hands

Getting sufficient sleep

Reduce stress and anxiety

Eating a balanced diet

Your body is a gift from God. To take care of that gift requires taking preventative health measures which will keep you and your family healthy.

Can you share your favorite preventative health tips?

I would love to hear from you how you stay healthy and keep your family healthy.

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5 thoughts on “The Eleven Preventative Tips that Improved Our Family’s Health

  1. I am very much hoping to take better care of myself this year. I struggle with alot of pain so I am on and off with the exercising. Praying for strength to keep going this year.

  2. I’m glad you’ve found what works well for your family! You’ve had a dramatic change in wellness. I appreciate your tips on sleep. If we improve the quality of our sleep, our health follows!

    1. We are blessed with a family of good sleepers,but we have also always stuck to a regular sleep routine. Plenty of exercise during the day is the biggest help for our family.

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