The Blessed Life of a Homemaker: Choosing Contentment

Even though it is fall in northern Michigan, you would not be able to tell.  The temps are in the mid 20’s and we have enough snow for the kids to go sledding. Of course, fall blends right into winter and onto into the spring.  We can easily have six months of continuous presence of snow here in Michigan where I live.

In the years past we had winters with twenty feet of snowfall by the time spring rolled around. However, the past few winters the snowfall averages have been closer to ten feet.

Let it Snow

(Side back deck view)

I love snow.

I love the whiteness and purity of snow.

I love how the sun shines down on it early in the morning. There is nothing better than being outside on a crisp winter morning out in the woods as the snow crunches under your feet.

Second story balcony view of the backyard


Snow and Homemaking?

So you’re probably wondering what my point is? Or at least wondering what snow has to do with being a homemaker.

Well, one of the benefits of being a homemaker is just being home. It is such a blessing for me to be able to stay home knowing that my entire family is here, even if we’re doing our own thing.

This morning we had a crazy morning that caused our family to be split up due to prior commitments.  Thankfully, this afternoon we are all back home as a family.


My husband is in the garage repairing a vehicle.

The kids have been inside and outside all afternoon.

It was time for me to get caught up on household chores and blogging.

The baby was taking a much needed nap.

Another second story balcony view

Choosing Contentment

I am content.

I choose to be content on this snowy Saturday.

Choosing to be content is a daily choice I have to make. And as a homemaker, the choice to be content is a personal sacrifice at times, too, that is not always easy.

How to be content


Second story view of front yard

Even though today may not seem very peaceful or relaxed, okay…not going to kid you, it never is that peaceful here with six children.  But I consider it a blessing to be home right where I am today.

Snippet of a Snowy Afternoon aka How My Kids Get Ready to Go Play in the Snow

  1. Open closet to find all the snow pants
  2. Boots on for all the kids
  3. Tearing apart winter gear bag to look for hat
  4. Six year old cannot find gloves
  5. Seven year old falls down on wet floor and starts crying
  6. Fight over sled breaks out in the entrance way
  7. Boots off for the nine year old because he forgot one sock
  8. Zipping up winter coat on six year old because taking off gloves is too much work
  9. Trying to hush children because their three year old sister is napping
  10. One kid goes out and starts eating snow
  11. All kids zipped, covered, and ready to go

Just When I Thought I Could Sit Down

Then I feel comfortable to sit down and begin typing and just as I start to take off on my blog….I hear the door creak slowly open.  A child is yelling “I need to go potty” and is doing the potty dance on the rug while they fidget with getting their clothes off.

Eventually, all children are back inside from playing outside.

They are all wet and cold.

They want hot cocoa. During their rest and drinking of hot cocoa I am able to clean up the snow that got tracked in.

By the time I finish with cleaning up the wet sloppy mess of boots, hats, mittens, and gloves; the children decide its time to head back outside again. The entire saga of getting dressed begins once again.

Choosing Contentment

This is my life. Right here. Right now.

Messy. Wet. Cold.

Beautiful. Mine.

I am so blessed.

Homemaking, Snowy Days, and Contentment

The purpose of my blog post is not to talk about why I am content. For it would be so easy to want more than what I have. It would be so easy to desire other things for my life, marriage, and family.

The purpose of this blog post is to illustrate that contentment is a choice. And when you are content it allows your purpose as a keeper of the home to be a joyful experience, even the messy and interrupted ones.

I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. (Philippians 4:11)

2 thoughts on “The Blessed Life of a Homemaker: Choosing Contentment

  1. You are living through a beautiful “season” in your life … in more ways than one! I’m so thankful that you choose to share it with us, and rejoice with you in your willingness to choose to be content. It’s difficult sometime to see the blessings in the moment as we live through them. But you are doing just that! And I applaud and admire you for it! <3

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