Practicing Christian Hospitality: Thanksgiving Reimagined

Thanksgiving is great, isn’t it?

The day that you have been planning, buying, and preparing for is almost here. You can almost taste the turkey, smell the pie, and see the smiling faces of your loved ones around you.

Your heart and home will both be filled with warmth as you count your blessings on Thanksgiving.  Good food and grateful hearts make for great fellowship, right?

But,What About?

What if I painted a different picture for you of a different Thanksgiving? Now imagine a Thanksgiving without any piles of food, smiling faces, and blessings abound. Instead at this Thanksgiving there is no fellowship, just an empty home and overwhelming loneliness.  Unfortunately, this picture I painted is a sad truth for many Americans on Thanksgiving and other holidays where family togetherness is so often celebrated.


The act of hospitality is more than hosting and entertaining guests. Christian hospitality is not what you seen practiced in magazines. Christian hospitality isn’t about glamorous table settings or platters of picture-perfect food; it’s about practicing servanthood. More importantly, it’s about loving others through Christ and making people feel special.

While I cannot claim perfection in the area of Christian hospitality, it is one of my strengths in how I serve the Lord.  Our family has made it a tradition to invite those who necessarily do not have a place to go on Thanksgiving.  And every year it has blessed our family so much because of the friendships that have blossomed from these encounters.

Helene Smith of Maidservants of Christ blogspot writes of changing that picture of a lonely Thanksgiving by practicing Christian hospitality in her latest blog post, Thanksgiving Reimagined.

Helene writes, “Take a moment and imagine what your Thanksgiving table might look like 3 weeks from now, if you took Jesus’s words literally. 
I’m serious.
Picture your table groaning with food, the cute placemats that your kids make and the china you pull out once a year.  Now replace one familiar chair with a wheelchair.  Imagine a person with serious disability sitting there between Aunt Donna and Cousin Mark; one of them will need to help him throughout the meal.  Finally there is your husband, leading in from the living room a lady, bent and blind.  That is the Thanksgiving Jesus had in mind.”

Want more….? You can read the rest here at Thanksgiving Reimagined.

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