15 Ways to Teach Your Children to Enjoy Reading

I love reading. I love books. I love words.

As a child, I spent hours in the bedroom devouring books. I enjoyed reading immensely.

My brother on the otherhand, was not a natural reader. He did not find it enjoyable. And I know that reading does not come naturally for many children and because they struggle with reading, they often do not love it.

However, because reading is such a crucial and beneficial skill it is important to instill a love of reading in a child’s life.

It is possible for even a non-reader or a struggling reader to enjoy reading.

Reading Benefits

There are many benefits of reading and these are just a few of them:

  1. Mental Stimulation
  2. Knowledge
  3. Stress reduction
  4. Memory improvement
  5. Improved focus and concentration
  6. Better writing skills
  7. Less screen time
  8. More creativity
  9. Better job skills

If you have a child who is not a natural reader or does not enjoy reading there are ways to teach them to enjoy reading and instill within them a love of reading.

How to Instill a Love of Reading in Children

  1. Use a stuffed animal as a reading buddy. Allow your child to ‘read’ the animal. This teaches children to become independent readers.
  2. Encourage children to read books that interest them.
  3. Allow them to have their own reading spaces at home. Comfy, cozy, and private spaces where they can read books and lose themselves to their imaginations.
  4. Schedule reading times. For example, choose the same time every night to read as a family, either together or individually.
  5. Make sure your children see you reading.
  6. Have conversations about books you’re all currently reading. This will encourage children to read and share what they are learning.
  7. Have books at home in locations that children will see and be more likely to use.
  8. Get a library card. Visit the library on a regular basis.
  9. Have your older children read to the younger children.
  10. Encourage your younger children to read to the older children.
  11. If you’re a homeschooling family, you have many opportunities to promote reading such as research papers, essays, and book reports.
  12. Read family devotions and take turns reading Scripture.
  13. Do not use reading as a punishment.
    “Reading should not be used as punishment. This will decrease the love for reading because the child will think of reading as punishment. Reading is not only for learning but it is a privilege and children should be taught to appreciate reading.” – Moya Dixon, Early Childhood Education
  14. Shake up the reading a bit, by allowing the use of an e-reader such as a Kindle. We love our Kindle for this exact reason. We purchase all of our e.books from Amazon.
  15. Have a family read-a-thon. The one who reads the most words by the end of the month gets to choose the prize, such as a trip to the mall or a favorite restaurant.

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