Roller coaster of grief

Four years ago this month my husband and I were dealing with the news that our unborn son was going to die. We were the given the diagnosis that our child was deemed incompatible with life. No chance of survival at one. None. Read here for more…. Our Hopes Crashed We had gone from overwhelming… Continue reading Roller coaster of grief

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Glory in the midst of the chaos

We are on day three of dealing with sick children. Sickness from both ends. Middle of the night vomiting. Dirty sheets, numerous baths, and stained pillows. My washing machine has been running non-stop for three days.  One urgent care visit. Antibiotics and painkillers for one child. Only one child attended school today, while five are… Continue reading Glory in the midst of the chaos


Grief, child loss, and life

Child.  Death.  Funeral.  Grief.  Survival.  New normal. Unfortunately, it is not as rare as you would think. These words stop me cold EVERY SINGLE TIME I see them. Since losing David, my eyes are open to the plight of the bereaved everywhere, especially in my own community.  A week ago my own small community faced the… Continue reading Grief, child loss, and life


Even in the Mundane-God has Plans For You

The laundry room floor is filled with the laundry of three of my children. Wash, dry, sort, fold; yet it tells a story of a family that lives, eats, works, and plays. My receipts have been staring menacingly at me for far too long. They need to be entered into the budget and categorized. Not… Continue reading Even in the Mundane-God has Plans For You