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But God, This is Not What I Signed Up For: Giving Thanks in All Things

Have many times have you dealt with the ‘if onlys’ in your life? If only my life were better. If only ____________ would change or if only I could do _____________, Perhaps you have felt lonely, angry, grieving, overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, bored, disrespected, sad, full of despair, or unhappy. And you feel that your life… Continue reading But God, This is Not What I Signed Up For: Giving Thanks in All Things



MOM! MOM! MOM! Kid #1 “Mom, mom, mommy” Kid #3 interrupting kid #1, “MOM!” Kid #6 “Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy” (interrupting all the others) Me:” Quit mommying me to death.” Kid #1 “Mom?” Me: “I changed my name. I will no longer answer to anything you previously called me.” Kids: “To what? Mommy, mom, mother,… Continue reading WILL I SURVIVE THIS THING CALLED MOTHERHOOD?

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Glory in the midst of the chaos

We are on day three of dealing with sick children. Sickness from both ends. Middle of the night vomiting. Dirty sheets, numerous baths, and stained pillows. My washing machine has been running non-stop for three days.  One urgent care visit. Antibiotics and painkillers for one child. Only one child attended school today, while five are… Continue reading Glory in the midst of the chaos


A Father’s Love is Priceless

father's love



“Daddy wuv’s me”….said, my two-year-old daughter, as she sighed contentedly in my arms.  This baby girl’s entire world is her Daddy.

(This post was written over two years ago when my little girl was two. Now that she is almost five, she still says “My Daddy wuv’s me” (her l’s are w’s) and it is most precious thing to hear.)

Of course, she loves me, too, but not in the way a little girl should love her Daddy.  She feels secure in his arms. She giggles when he throws her up in the air. Daily she waits at the door watching through the window for his return home from work.  The world revolves around her Daddy. He offers her security and love. She has faith that he will be there for her daily, when she gets hurt, or if she needs help.

I can reflect upon my relationship with my own father and know that I was fortunate because I had a father who spent hours listening to me and answering my endless questions. My own father took the time to share his faith with me and teach me things. I remember sitting in the garage as a child watching him as he used the lathe while he worked on a wood project. I remember it being cold in the garage, but I was content just to be in his presence. I do not remember what we talked about, but I do remember that moment very vividly.

Today I can see that same type of relationship developing between my own daughters and their father.  I have seen their confidence grow as he teaches them life skills with patience that I could only dream of having.

Time with their father is a coveted trophy in this household, which is often difficult with five daughters and one son.  Through the doting eye of their father, my daughters have grown in their self-confidence and own self-image.  They believe they can do anything they set their mind to because their father believes in each and every one of them. They are secure in their place in the world.

fathers love

While my daughters and I were both blessed with wonderful earthly fathers not all children have had that opportunity. The statistics are depressing to read regarding children with whom have had no father figure’s present or negative experiences with their fathers.

However, there is hope.  Hope that comes from our eternal Father in heaven.

In 2 Thessalonians 2:16 it is stated that God, our Father in heaven, loves us and offers us eternal encouragement and good hope. The Lord, our Father, loves you and I. He wants us to know that, believe that, and trust in that.

Your earthly father may have abandoned you or disappointed you or even hurt you in some way but your heavenly Father won’t.

He wants to have a relationship with you, His beloved child.  In 1 John 3:1 it is stated for you to “see what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! …..”


Learn How to Be Content in Six Steps

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Scriptural Truths on Why We Need God

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Learning to Be Still When You’re Always in a Hurry

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