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Set Goals, Not Resolutions for the New Year

Are you like me and every year you set resolutions that go something like this? “I want to lose 50 lbs by the beginning of next year.” “I am going to get organized and keep my home clean every single day.” “Every day I am going to read my Bible before my family wakes up.”… Continue reading Set Goals, Not Resolutions for the New Year

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Living Out Our Christian Faith as Women

Living out our faith on a daily basis involves making decisions that could essentially effect our eternal life.   Being a Christian is more than going to church, owning a Bible, and attending Bible study.   Anybody can own a Bible or go to church.   The condition of your faith life is a direct… Continue reading Living Out Our Christian Faith as Women


The Power of Forgiveness

We have been forgiven. The price has been paid. We are called to forgive others as well. But do you forgive yourself? Whoa? What? Forgive ourselves? For past mistakes and sins. If you have asked forgiveness the slate has been wiped clean. But have you forgiven yourself? Do you live in tormented by some long… Continue reading The Power of Forgiveness


Getting Political in Social Media

Social media wars, such as twitter wars and facebook debates have gotten out of control. Snapchat and instagram are guilty of doing this, also. You have all seen them, whether you agree with them or roll your eyes in disgust, they exist. And they are not going anywhere. My own facebook news feed has been flooded… Continue reading Getting Political in Social Media


Roller coaster of grief

Four years ago this month my husband and I were dealing with the news that our unborn son was going to die. We were the given the diagnosis that our child was deemed incompatible with life. No chance of survival at one. None. Read here for more…. Our Hopes Crashed We had gone from overwhelming… Continue reading Roller coaster of grief


Feminism, Gender Roles, and Biblical Womanhood

Blogging on Biblical Womanhood and Christian homemaking has been an eye opening journey for me.   It has caused me to read my Bible more, meditate on Scripture, seek the meaning behind the Scripture, weed out falsehoods, and understand why it was written.   The older I get, the more wisdom I have sought, and… Continue reading Feminism, Gender Roles, and Biblical Womanhood



A little laugh for ya’ll….This morning my son shows up in my bedroom as I was working with his live trap and a squirrel that had been captured. He was so excited to have caught another squirrel, that he just had to show me. Let me tell ya, that nothing gets your attention more than… Continue reading WHAT WE DO MATTERS AS KEEPERS OF OUR HOME



THE HEART OF A LITTLE GIRL Yesterday, we were at the doctor for a pre-op appointment for my seven-year-old daughter. She is going to be having her tonsils and adenoids removed, and tubes put in both ears. She has been ill almost non-stop since last November with colds, fevers, RSV, strep throat, and other infections.… Continue reading HOW TO SHARE THE GOSPEL