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Three Basic Truths that Will Help You Manage Your Time Better as a Homemaker

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5 Tips on How to Set and Achieve Goals for 2019; No More Resolutions!

How to Succeed in Achieving Your Goals in 5 Steps 1.  Write it down Goals that are written down are 80% more likely to be achieved. 2.  Make it visible Post your goals in a highly visible area to you. One where you see on a daily basis.  For example, if you are trying to… Continue reading 5 Tips on How to Set and Achieve Goals for 2019; No More Resolutions!

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How to Organize Your Goals in Six Steps for 2019

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Set Goals, Not Resolutions for the New Year

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How to Save Money When Money is Already Tight

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Why Every Married Couple Should Have a Joint Bank Account

Fifty years ago most mothers stayed home with their children while their husbands worked.  And nearly all of them had only one bank account for the entire family. Fast forward fifty years later, and nearly half of married couples that have joint accounts also have individual ones.   What are some of the reasons why that… Continue reading Why Every Married Couple Should Have a Joint Bank Account

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How to Make Money as Stay at Home Mom

Are you a single income family?

Do you struggle making ends meet?

Do you have too much month left at the end of your money? (Dave Ramsey quote)

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a wife that works, or a mom that works; money struggles can seriously impact a family.

moms money

You may have read my story before on how my husband and I previously handled money.

We were up to our ears in debt and handled money very poorly.  We had creditors calling, loans that were not being paid, and too many credit cards to count.

It was time for us to get our priorities straight when it came to how we handled money.

We are pretty much a single income family, I clean a few hours a week to help  bring in some cash. Nearly all of the income provision falls upon my husband’s shoulders.




There are many things that need to change before a couple learns how to handle their money.  First of all, it is important that a husband and wife take the time to develop the communication skills to talk about money.  You can fine those skills below in the article, How to talk about money These skills will help open the door for honest and straightforward communication between husband and wife.

money mom

Secondly, learn what impulse buying is and how to overcome it.

And finally, learn how to be frugal with your money. Ladies, it is very important that as women we manage our family’s money well.  Learning how to be frugal in all areas to reduce waste and unnecessary expenses.  There are many ways to be frugal, but in order to successful at it, one must begin with training the mind to view things different and it usually begins with being content.

But what if you are already doing that, what else can be done?  How can a mom help the family make money when she works from home?


So you have tried having garage sales and realize they don’t make that much money? Maybe you have tried a MLM and realized sales weren’t for you. Or perhaps you know that you cannot make a living licking envelopes these days.

But there are things that you can do to help bring in an income to help your family, if you understand

As women we were created differently then men, but we are also created each with our own set of skills, passions, and talents that make us different from each other.

Using the combination of that knowledge of how you were created and what your unique personal qualities are will allow you a glimpse into several possible income generators for you.

Determine Skill Set and Strengths

What areas in your life do you excel at or are proficient at?

Maybe you have excellent writing skills.

Or perhaps you are really good at baking and decorating cakes. The following are just a few examples of areas that have great potential for mom’s who want to work at home.

  • Technology
  • Writing
  • Baking
  • Sewing
  • Vehicle repair
  • Gardening
  • Editing
  • Tutoring
  • Singing

What are you strengths?

What comes naturally to you?

What can you do effortlessly without almost even thinking? Often, these strengths are areas that you can capatilize on and use to bring in an income to help your family as well.

*Make a list of what your strongest skills are

*List all of your strengths

What are your passions?

What could you spend time on for hours on end and not have it be a chore?

Do you love to read, write, or sew?

What about baking, crafting, or driving?

Are you a planner?

Do you have a passion for organizing and cleaning?

Your passions are often the areas where your God-given talents lie, and there is no reason why you cannot use them to bring in an income if you and your husband agree to it, especially if it is necessary to help your family.

For example, I love to write and would write for hours if I had the chance. This is one of the reasons why I blog and have been able to use my passion for writing to aid me in the Titus 2 ministry.

*Make a list and include all of your passions

Education and Experience

Do you have an education in a specialized field? Have you received advanced training in a particular area?  What technical training have you received in your life time that could be used to advance you in bringing in an income or making money?

Before becoming a stay-at-home mom, I was a teacher.  Teachers can work from home as tutors or college professors.  A nurse that once worked and this now home, can be an at home nurse that works for a health hotline and answers medical questions.

A dog groomer can work from home.

A cook, chef, or baker can cook or bake and sell things from home.

If you have administrative experience, you could become a virtual assistant.

A hair stylist can create a studio at home and cut hair from home.

There are so many things that can be done from home based on previous education and training.  The beauty of working from home, either online or doing work at home, is that it allows you to be creative.

Where does your experience lie in past jobs or careers?  Wherever your experience was it can be used in creating a work at home position in many areas.

*Make a list of all your education, training, and experience

Does Location Matter?

The area where you live will influence what you do to a certain extent.  However, for many virtual jobs location does not matter as long as you have great wi-fi and a computer.

But if you want to raise chickens and live in the city, you will have to probably change your plans.

And if you live in Alaska and want to give tours of Hawaii, those plans won’t work well either.

Basically, consider your location depending on the type of work at home job you’re considering.


With your list of skills, passions, education, training, and experience now is the time to sit down and make a list of what you are interested or could possibly do. Below is a list of encouraging tips to help you along in the process.

  • Be creative
  • Think outside the box
  • Be flexible
  • Consider the needs of your family
  • Ask your husband for ideas and guidance
  • Involve your children (if applicable)

Moms work


Below is a list of work from home examples to get you thinking and moving in the right direction. I would love to hear from you ladies on how you make money from home. How do you help your family make money or save money?

  • Babysitter
  • Daycare provider
  • Virtual assistant
  • Photographer
  • Cleaner
  • Home stager
  • Hair stylist
  • Writer/blogger
  • Tutor
  • Cook/Baker
  • Sell crafts on etsy
  • Sew
  • Wood worker
  • Customer service representative
  • Virtual scheduler
  • Online resale shop
  • Designer
  • Graphic arts
  • Amazon Turk
  • Landscaper/yardwork
  • Personal grocery shopper
  • Wash other’s laundry
  • Create and sell your own products (soaps, clothing, aprons, wood working, painting, signs) The list is limitless.
  • Dog walker
  • Data entry
  • Medical coding and/or transcription
  • Become a consultant

This list is not complete, but instead merely suggestions to help you realize the possibilities. May this encourage you to be creative, flexible, and get the ball rolling on all of the possibilities of real ways to earn money while working at home.

Mommas, if you want to work from home to help make money, it is possible.  Don’t give up. Pray about and seek the Lord’s will for your family in this area.  If you are a mother that is blessed enough to not have to work outside the home at all, don’t take that for granted.

However, for those that need to make money, working from home is the next best thing because you can still be home with your children.

Be blessed.

Stephanie, Training Keepers of the Home


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