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15 Books That Every Christian Homemaker Should Read

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Stay-at-Home Moms

Have you ever seen a lazy mom?   I mean, a truly lazy mom?

Most mothers and wives love what they do.

We raise children and tend to our husbands.  We strive to make our houses a home.  Our responsibilities vary widely within the home and often it is a 24/7 job.  We rarely get days off.

Nobody can replace the mother and the wife as the keeper of our home.

However, because we don’t get days off (or even much time to ourself) it is important that we remain encouraged, inspired, and learn from the most reputable sources.

Christian Homemaking

As a busy mom of six young children, my schedule is pretty full, leaving me very little free time.

However, I do love to read.  Reading allows me to grow, mature, and learn new things as a wife and mother.

Of course, my Bible is the most important book that I read, and most of us know that as mothers and wives we need to read the Bible.

In fact, the Bible should be our number one resource on parenting, marriage, homemaking, and helping us in the roles of Biblical womanhood and Christian homemaking.

But over the past nineteen years I have found other valuable resources that can be used in addition to the Bible to help and assist me grow as a Christian homemaker.

*Christian Book “Warnings”

Too many “Christian” books that I would consider to be reader-friendly, have no spiritual depth. 

They are appealing to the eyes and ears, but leave no lasting impact on our hearts.  One must be careful in what we read because an can have a negative effect on us.

Look for books that promote a deeper understanding of the role of Biblical Womanhood and Christian Homemaking.

christian homemaking

Book Recommendations

Because I care about what I read, I will only recommend and share what I personally have read or own to my readers.

Of course, these books should never replace your Bible as a place of encouragement, inspiration, and teaching of the Gospel.

However, I highly recommend these books on Gospel-centered living and for their homemaking help in teaching you how to effectively manage your home.


Jen Wilkins, Women of the Word.

  Dave Ramsey, Total Money Makeover

  Donald S. Whitney, Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life

  Amy Dacyczyn, The Complete Tigthwad Gazette

  Martha Greene, The Homemaker’s Mentor Treasury of Homekeeping Skills: A Vintage Keepsake Collection

  Elizabeth George,  A Wife After God’s Own Heart

  Holman’s Study Bible for Women

Elizabeth George, A Woman After God’s Own Heart

  Elisabeth Elliot, The Shaping of a Christian Family: How My Parents Nurtured My Faith

  Elisabeth Elliot,  Let Me Be a Woman

  Erin Harrison, Living Virtuously: A Wife’s Complete Guide to Keeping  Her Heart and Home

  Martha Peace, The Excellent Wife

  Debi Pearl, Created to Be His Helpmeet

  The Christian Homemaker’s Handbook





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