Spring time changes


Spring time in northern Michigan varies day-to-day. Yesterday, was in the lower 40’s and we had snow, sleet, and rain. Today we have bright blue skies and the beautiful sunshine.

The snow is finally gone. The snow gear has been washed and put away.  Ski’s and sleds are put up in the barn until next winter.  Bikes, balls, and, summer gear is out. We are ready for nicer weather!

Every year in the spring I get the urge to clean and change things around. Yesterday, I spent the day rearranging furniture and finding more stuff for our annual garage sale. I have been doing some spring cleaning inside the house.

My to-do list is long these days. I first worked on organizing for our annual garage sale.

IMG_1429-300x225 Spring time changes


Then I began thinking about yard work and projects that need to be done.

IMG_1429-300x225 Spring time changes

However, with two littles tagging along I cannot stay focused on one task for very long. So we made some spring smoothies and did some swinging.

IMG_1429-300x225 Spring time changes

Then we moved onto the big slide and trampoline for some sliding and jumping fun.

IMG_1429-300x225 Spring time changes IMG_1429-300x225 Spring time changes

After all that fun it was off to nap for the baby and a bath for her older sister, so mom could get some writing done and updating the new blog site.

Spring into changes

Springtime is a good time to get some cleaning done and make some changes. And change is exactly what I have been doing, a change to my blog that is. I have moved to a different address but it is the same blog. The blog has become self-hosted and now has its own domain, which created a new address for the blog.

Since I have started writing and blogging this has been one of my goal, that is to have my own self-hosted blog. Now that I am here, I am excited for the unlimited potential I will be able to tap into. My writing will have a better platform in which to launch itself, too.

So, if you followed me before and I have lost you in the process, please follow me again at this address in order to receive all my new articles.  https://stephanieamalcolm.com/

Same author. Same blog. Different address.

Have a great day ya’ll…

Stephanie Malcolm

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