Spiritual food

It has been very busy around my house lately. We have a lot going on and I have had to adapt way beyond my comfort zone. I prefer to follow a schedule and follow my to-do list throughout the day. For the past three weeks, life has been anything short of chaotic for my family. From gathering wood for winter, to attending baseball games for my son, and just living life in a large family is busy enough.

I tend to become anxious rather easily and become an emotional eater. It is at this time I need to take the time to become recharged with Spiritual food. Daily time in the Word is what I aim for, but life and human nature get in the way. Usually after a few days, I am running on fumes and physical food does not come even close to filling that void that the Word of God can do.

Taking the time to pray, praise, journal, and read needs to be on my daily menu.


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