Seven Tips for Saving Money

  1. Soups and stews are a great way top use up leftovers, get your veggies, and stay within a budget.  We have been on a huge soup kick here at my house. Cheesy potato soup, chili, and tortilla soup have been in my crock pot lately.  I can make a 5 qt. crock pot of soup that costs under $10 and it will last my family of eight at least two meals, with a leftover or two. That sure beats eating fast food for my family and paying a minimum of $30 or more for “convenience”….
  2. Know the due dates on your bills, pay them on time and avoid those late fees.  A late fee at $10/month for one bill could be a saving’s of $100/year if you are continuously late.
  3. Check your bank statements, either the paper version or online. Just last week I checked mine and noticed a $40 mistake on the behalf of the bank. I wrote a check to our garbage man for $60 and it was cashed for $100.  What happened was that when I wrote $60 it looked $100, thus it got cashed, regardless of the written out portion saying sixty dollars and 00/100. The $40 got deposited back into my account, but it could have easily escaped into the depths of my banking statement if I did not check it.  Mistakes happen, even at financial institutions.
  4. Do not impulse buy. Ever! Just don’t do it! Savings could be huge. Read more here on impulse buying.
  5.  Try to conserve electricity. It really adds up .Shut off lights, unplug whatever you can, and turn down the heat.  We have a rule at our house that if the children leave a light on in their bedroom when they walk out, they lose that light bulb for a few days. It only took a few times for it to happen and my kids shut off their lights every single time.
  6. Use vinegar. Vinegar is stinky, but it grows on you after a while, I promise. 20 ways to use vinegar.
  7. And last but not least, try to avoid the grocery store. Read this great article for tips on how to avoid the grocery store.

What are some ways you save money?


Check out more on  Impulse Buying

5 thoughts on “Seven Tips for Saving Money

  1. If you have cable, call and try to switch to a lower package. They hate that and will most likely come up with some sort of,deal for you. My husband calls about every 3 months!

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