Seven Surprising Ways to Save Money

Money tight?  Is your budget in the red at the end of each month?  Wondering how you are going to pay your bills?

When money is tight, stop using a credit card or obtaining another loan to pay for something.  Money does not grow on trees, there is not an endless supply of money for most of us.  Money must be told what to do.  Money must be managed.

But what do you do if you are in a financial pickle right now?  It is time to dig your heels in and take a look at where your money is going.

Below are seven surprising ways that you can do something about and change your ways to save a lot of money.


Turn off your lights, electronics, and appliances when you aren’t using them. Make sure your thermostat is at a reasonable level. Doing this is one of the easiest ways to save money while simultaneously helping the environment.

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Car Payments:

Ditch the car payment.  Sell the expensive car, and buy something that you can afford, without taking a loan out.  Buy a trusty dependable car.  Or even better, sell the car without replacing it.  This will work especially if you live where there is reliable transportation, or have an extra vehicle that you don’t use.

How Impulse Buying Ruins Your Budget


Cancel your monthly cable or satelite subscription. Turn to NetFlix instead, the savings are significant.

Learn how to go without the major sports, movie channels, and premium variety stations. If money is so tight for your family that you struggle each month, it is time to remove the unneccessary expenses.

Not only is this wise, but it will save your family a lot of money.  At one point many years ago, we were paying $164/month for our television services.  Then we switched to NetFlix for a low cost of $6.99/month. We went from paying $1,968 yearly to $83.88 for a saving’s of $1,884.12.  Those savings do add up.

Gym Membership:

Joining a gym can be an expensive endeavor.  How many of you actually continue going to a gym after the first few initial visits? Instead, learn how to exercise at home.

Go for a walk, run, or bike ride. Do a workout at home. Buy a weight lifting set to use at your own home.

Do a Google search of various home workouts, there are a lot out there.  A gym membership is not a necessary component to your survival when it comes to your budget.

Learn how to integrate faith, fitness, and health into your life.

Bad Habits:

Never has there been a better time than now to stop your bad habits.  These bad habits may include:

Eating expensive junk food



Buying lottery tickets

Entertainment such as movies, bowling, sporting events, and concerts

Manciures and pedicures

Unnecessary driving and wasting gas

Impulsive shopping

And the list could go on, but bad habits can wreak havoc on your budget in no time at all.

Is it really worth it to cause potential damage to your body or health, or even your financial future, just for the sake of supplying the bad habit?

Grocery Shopping:

One of the biggest waste of money is on food and eating out.  If money is tight,  listen to what Dave Ramsey has to say, “You’re freakin’ broke and don’t need to see the inside of a restaurant unless you’re working there.”

Learn how to plan a menu, write the grocery list, and plan ahead. Stop eating out and wasting your money.

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How to Save Money Without Coupons


Whether you have one child or ten children, clothing can be very costly for a family. Below are the nine ways that  I use to help my family save hundreds of dollars yearly on children’s clothing.

9 Tips to Save You Money on Childrens Clothing

Want More Tips?

Click below for some more random frugal tips.

Random frugal tips

If you are new to the frugal lifestyle, give yourself time and be patient with each other.  You did not become broke overnight, realize it is going to take time to start saving money and work your way out of debt.

I hope you enjoy these tips. My hope is that once you start thinking about all the ways you spend/waste your money, you are encouraged to try to change your spending habits for the better.

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