Shepherding the Heart of Your Child

Shepherd: one who tends to, protects, and guides a flock of sheep.

Sheep are known for getting lost, getting injured, and for easily being left in a state of vulnerability unless they are cared for by a shepherd. 

A good shepherd will lead his flock of sheep safely all the while tending to their needs.

Parents become the shepherds of their own flock, as they lead, guide, and protect the hearts of their children.

As a parent, consider these questions:

Are you holding the heart of your child?

Are you shepherding your child’s heart?

*Do you focus more on performances, grades, exterior behaviors than what is inside?

If you desire to truly point your children to Jesus, stop demanding Christlike behavior. Rather, point your child to a relationship with Jesus.

A Christian is more than going to church, acting in a certain way, dressing a certain way, speaking Christianese, listening to certain music, having the right friends, or doing things in the ‘right order.

Being a Christian is about having a real and loving relationship with our Savior, Jesus.

It is about forgiving others, as we are forgiven.

It is about loving-kindness and grace.

Have you ever practiced grace with everybody but your own child?

Parents, who is holding your child’s heart?

Is your child a prodigal child?

Is your child a rebel?

Even worse, is your child a silent rebel? That is one who does everything perfectly Christian on the outside but on the inside is rejecting Jesus.

Holding the heart of your child begins with you and your relationship with Jesus.

Does your child see you pray? Read the Bible?

Do you struggle with lying, anger, or addictions? If so, you probably don’t have the heart of your child.

Your child belongs to the Lord.

It is our job to train them up to love the Lord, follow the Lord, and obey the Lord. Our children learn by watching us and modeling our behavior. How do we respond to situations? Is our own faith apparent in all that we do?

If Christ is not modeled in your home, what is?

As parents we will make mistakes simply because of our human nature. Daily we fall short of the glory of God.

However, there is always grace, forgiveness, and hope.

Please be encouraged that it is not easy as we raise our children and shepherd their hearts, but there is HOPE!

Be encouraged that as long as you’re praying, things will happen, on God’s own schedule.

Be blessed

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