How to Save Money on Clothing

How to Save Money on Clothing

Save money clothing

Does anybody else love the smell of clothing that has been dried on a clothesline?

It takes me back to my childhood and any chance I can dry something outside, I do in a heartbeat.

Drying clothes on a clothesline is not only environmentally friendly but also saves wear and tear on clothing, as well as saving money because you are not using the dryer.

How else can you save money on clothing?

Buying clothing can be a huge added expense to any budget, regardless of the number of people in your family.

Whether you shop out of boredom or out of necessity, there are ways to save money on a clothing wardrobe.

And not only can you save money when buying clothes, but you can also extend the life of your clothing.

19 Tips to Save You Money on Clothing

1. Wear your clothes more often between washes. Chances are that if your clothes are not visibly dirty, you can get another wear or two out of them.

2. Distinguish between play, work, workout, casual, and dress-up clothes.

3. Air-dry whenever possible. The dryer can be very hard on clothing.

4. Take care of them. Hang them up, fold them, or put them away.

5. Follow laundering directions.

6. Wash clothing inside-out. This alone saves wear and tear on your wardrobe, thus extending the life.

7. Wash metal separately. Buttons and zippers should be laundered alone, as they can become extremely hot in the dryer causing damage or they can cause tears or rips to sensitive clothing.

8. Practice personal hygiene. If you take care of yourself, the less likely your clothes will become dirty and need to be laundered less.

9. Learn basic repairs such as mending or adding a button, instead of throwing clothing away.

10. Rotate your clothing, instead of wearing just your favorites, wear them on a rotating schedule.

11. Invest in good storage habits for your clothing. The bottom of your closet, in a laundry basket, or laundry room floor is not the place for your clothing. This can easily become a breeding ground for disaster or an accident waiting to happen.

12. Get dressed after your hair and makeup. You will decrease the chances of staining your clothing.

13. Buy new clothing out of season at a drastically reduced cost.

14. Sell any clothing that you or your family does not wear.

15. Save money on your children’s wardrobe.

16. Shop thrift stores or garage sales for quality clothing at drastically reduced prices. Don’t be a clothing snob if your budget does not allow the type of clothing or accessories you think you need. When it comes down to it; your family must eat, put gas in the car, and pay bills before you buy clothing.

17. Avoid impulse shopping and pay with cash.

Research has also shown that people will spend significantly more, up to twice as much, if paying with a credit card versus cash.

18. Shop at outlet centers.

Here are two pieces of advice when outlet-mall shopping: 1) You need to know that most items at outlet stores feature two prices: a high one and then the discount one.

And if the higher price is flagged anything other than “ORIGINAL PRICE” (two red flags are “COMPARED TO” or “RETAIL VALUE”), you’re probably holding merchandise made especially for the outlet, so it’s a lesser quality good. And 2) Remember to pay cash, which means you’ll be able to ask the cashier for a discount in exchange for saving the store the 3-5% it pays on card transactions.

19. Subscribe to a store to receive their emails. These emails usually come with members-only promos that can be used online only and potentially save you big bucks.

*You will have to wade through some gimmicky stuff, but keep watching for those big savings.

19. Host a clothing exchange within your group of friends. Make sure you have a friend or two your size. Swap clothing or accessories. Save money and get a new wardrobe.

I hope you find these tips helpful and I would love to hear from you on how you save money when it comes to clothing.

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  1. great tips! I’m always amazed by how quickly clothes “get old” these days. Stains seem to be the biggest problem in our house, but shrinkage, pulled threads, holes, etc. end up ruining things, too. Of course, if there was a way to make clothes grow with kids, we could get even more wear out of them!

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