Routine, Routines, Routines……Why Do We Need Them as Homemakers? How Can I Create One?


With the end of 2018 looming, I am getting a lot of ‘help me get on a routine for the New Year’ sort of questions.

Below are some of my top articles on the nuts and bolts of routines.

In these articles you will learn what a routine is and why they are beneficial.

homemakers routine

How Stay-at-Home Moms and Homemakers Can Create a Successful Morning Routine

Keepers of the Home: Four Simple Steps to Establishing a Routine

Keepers of the Home and the Importance of Routines for Stay-at-Home Mom’s (Biblical Homemaking)

Homemaking Disciplines: Why You Should Wake Up Early

Mommy Blogger Series: Daily Routine and Chores

How to Create a Morning Routine for Your Child

Five Tips to Help You Become an Organized Homemaker

Mommy Blogger Series: Daily Routine and Chores

Seasonal Chores and Keepers of the Home: Biblical Homemaking

Weekly Chores


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