Random frugal tips

  1.  I keep scraps of paper for writing shopping lists, chore lists, or little notes for my children’s lunches.  Envelopes that come in the mail and my kids school work after its been returned are two examples of where I get my scrap paper.   I have a friend and she gives me a pile of paper every Sunday when she sees me.  The front of this paper has been used for printing church bulletins or worship songs, but the back is blank. Its perfect for my littles who happen to be practicing writing their names.
  2. Plastic bags. I use them for packing my husband’s lunch, lining the bathroom garbage cans, or keeping a few in our Suburban for trash that always seems to be circulating.  Just do a google search on the uses of plastic bags, there will be pages of results.
  3. I keep my scraps of bar soap and have used it in my laundry room to pre-treat clothes that are stained before they are washed.  Throw a few scraps of soap in a pair of panty hose  and tie it onto an outdoor faucet. It is a cheap and simple way for children to wash up if they get dirty while playing.
  4. On those hot summer days after your child is done playing in a small wading pool, use that water instead of just draining it.  Have your children using buckets scoop out the water and water your outdoor plants or flowers in the garden.
  5. When using fabric softener sheets in the dryer, I cut them in half and it still yields the same result.
  6. Upon returning home from school have your children take off their school clothes and put on play clothes.  Blue jeans and hoodies often can be worn at another time before washing. This helps save on the wear and tear of clothing and on doing laundry.
  7. Protect what you have.  Keep things in working order to prevent appliances from breaking down.  Did you know that your washer should be cleaned occasionally? My grandmother has had her same washer for nearly 40 years, primarily because she provides proper maintenance of it. The same can go for stoves, microwaves, or smaller kitchen appliances, too.  Read the directions on how to maintain them and how to properly clean them.
  8. Buy in bulk only if you will use it up and not have it go to waste.  Store’s like Sams Club or Costco may sell items in bulk, but a good portion of what is available has been proven to not be cost effective. More info….
  9. Do not buy anything on impulse.  Wait 24 hours and if after 24 hours you have 100% decided that you cannot live without the item in question, then proceed forward with caution.  Most of the time you will find that you do not need that pair of shoes or cute purse from the mall.
  10.  Cut cable television and get Netflix.  explore the options of netflix


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