Preparing for Bad Winter Weather

The winter forecast in my area for the next week is not looking good.

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During the next few days the temp is barely expected to get above 4 degrees Fahrenheit, not to mention theconstant snow flurries with tons of accumulation, white-out conditions, and extremely dangerous driving conditions.

While this is typical weather for our area and we’re all used to it; it is not fun if you’re not prepared.

Have you ever been caught off-guard by the weather?

Tornadoes, flash floods, thunderstorms, hurricanes, and blizzards are just few examples of weather that can sneak up on you within a few minutes.

50570682_2195558863839843_5090146294324789248_o Preparing for Bad Winter Weather

Even if you are an avid weatherbuff and are constantly plugged into a weather app or glued to a weather radar; bad weather can happen quickly, especially during the winter time.

Preparing for winter weather is different than preparing for a tornado, hurricane, or thunderstorm.

50570682_2195558863839843_5090146294324789248_o Preparing for Bad Winter Weather
Just a few minutes before taking this photo, it was beautiful and sunny.

Being Prepared for Bad Winter Weather

A winter storm or blizzard can be a beautiful thing if you are at home where its warm and cozy.

But, what if you are away from the home?

What can you do?

In order to be prepared for winter weather such as freezing temperatures, snow storms, ice storms, or blizzards there are a few things you can do.


During these cold winter months, the last place that you want to be caught unprepared is when you’re in your vehicle.

However, a few minutes of preparing ahead of time could possibly save your life or minimize the dangers of being stuck in a winter storm, such as a blizzard or freezing rain.

It is easy to keep these all of these in sealed RubberMaid totes in the trunk of your car. They will remain out of sight, but within reach if you need them in an emergency.

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*Keep your gas tank at least halfway full.

*Keep a map on hand in case you have no phone signal or your GPS fails.


If you live an area where snow tends to accumulate, or where you receive freezing rains or have often have freeing temps or temps that go below zero, or are prone to snowstorms (such as blizzards); it is important to be prepared for winter weather.

The time to start preparing is before bad weather hits. Ahead of time, it would be a good idea to have on hand AT ALL TIMES, the following:

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Being Prepared Can Save You or Your Family’s Life!


Weather can change in heartbeat. It is best to always be prepared, especially if you live in a colder weather climate.

IN ADDITION: Be sure to always have on hand at all times the following in your home:

*Shovel, salt, kerosene heater and fluid.

*Stay warm and avoid over exertion. This is done to preserve your strength and endurance, especially during stressful times.

I would love to see or hear how you stay prepared during winter weather or bad weather conditions.

Be blessed…

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