13 Tips to Help the Busy Mom Get of the House (Fast) with Small Children

13 Tips to Help the Busy Mom Get of the House (Fast) with Small Children with No Stress

Leaving the house with small children does not have to be a stressful time. Even the most disorganized mother can learn a few tricks to help the transition of getting ready and leaving the house without freaking out.

Just a few years ago when I was a mother of four children under the age of five, I learned a few tricks to get out the door quickly.

These tricks helped me in those situations when we were all leaving for playgroup, church, or dinner at Grandma’s house. The years of adding children one-by-one to our family, allowed me the ability to develop a routine that I still follow to this day.

You Have to Leave Your House

All mom’s have to leave the house at one point or another.

You will need to go to the grocery store, a doctor’s appointment, or to take your children to school.

And being a mom of littles, you cannot leave your child at home each time that you leave the house. Getting ready to leave house with your littles and your sanity intact is possible, especially if you’re prepared and organized.

I found it helpful to stay organized and prepared when those true emergencies occured in our home. And trust me, a situation will happen that will require you to leave your house in no time at all.

13 Tips for the Busy Mom to Get out of the House Stress Free!

Keep the diaper bag or a backpack ready-to-go with essentials by the door. I kept this bag filled with snacks, toys, baby wipes, a water bottle, spare underwear, and changes of clothes. As soon as I came home from an excursion, I refilled all depleted resources.

Keep a frozen water bottle or two in the freezer. During the hot months, I would grab a small cooler and fill with grapes, string cheese, and yogurts for a quick lunch out if we were on the go. This satisfied hungry children and prevented unnessary trips to a fast food joint, thus saving money and the hassle of eating out.

Try fast and frugal energy balls to take on the road for a healthy snack.

By keeping your entrance of your home organized, you can eliminate the time wasted that often occurs when looking for shoes and jackets. Make it a rule that all coats and shoes be in one spot. No exceptions!

Keep your phone charged, have your purse ready, and your car keys ready to go. Place them in the same spot every single day.

Keep a stroller in the back of vehicle at all the times. This comes in handy for tired toddlers and sleeping babes.

Keep a spare package of baby wipes in the vehicle as well. These always are useful for quick spills on the seats, to wipe dirty faces, or to clean a stain off of an article of clothing.

Keep an extra towel in the vehicle for those moments when you need to change a baby on-the-go or have a child that fell in the water, or played in a mud puddle. Messes and children go hand-in-hand.

We also would keep a rolled up blanket in the vehicle for emergencies, cold children, or if a child needed privacy for those “I gotta go moments alongside the road.”

Keep a few plastic bags on hand for trash, dirty diapers, or a place to store wet/dirty clothes until you get home.

Pack a small bag or sack that fits under the seat that holds a few small books, paper, a few small toys, and crayons.

Besides keeping water and snacks in a diaper bag or backpack, I also tried to keep a small stash in our vehicle for true emergencies as well.

If you are a mom that has children who move slowly, or don’t move at all without some sort of threat hanging over their heads; set a timer. This works every single time, especially when the consequence is something they do not like.

If you have older children, pair an older sibling with a younger child. This saves you time and energy. Plus it teaches the children responsibility.

Preparation is key for keeping life running smoothly when you are a mom of littles.

What are you top tips for saving time when traveling or being ready with small children?


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