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Potluck Sunday: Have You Smiled at Somebody Today?

Once a month we have a potluck at church.  We all bring a dish or two to pass and enjoy lunch after service.

It is a great way to spend an afternoon.  Talking and enjoying fellowship with each other.

How often do you people enjoy each others company these days?

It is easy to get swept up in the busyness that consumes us all at one point or another.

However, human contact is vital to our existence. We need face-to-face contact in order to thrive.

Instead of spending so much time hunched over smart phones, try smiling at somebody today.

Even if you have to create time in your schedule try to have a friend over for dinner.

Organize a simple family get-together for brunch next Saturday.

At the supermarket smile at everybody you see.

Hold the door open for others. You may be what somebody needs today.

Today is our potluck at church. I have three crock pots filled with food, veggies are cut, and the dessert is ready to go.  I am looking forward to slowing down and have some great conversation today.

4 thoughts on “Potluck Sunday: Have You Smiled at Somebody Today?

  1. That’s terrific. I joined a women’s bible study recently, and I enjoy getting to know women of different ages face to face. I’m already looking forward to Shrove Tues when the church comes together for pancakes! Food & fellowship is nourishing.

    1. Well, I just like food so that alone is enough for me. However, I do enjoy the fellowship it recharges me.

      I need to get involved in a Bible study for ladies. We do one as a family with another family, but face-to-face contact with my peers would be great.

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