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KEEPERS CORNER: Parenting Lessons and Reminders

KEEPERS CORNER: Parenting Lesson and Reminders

Yesterday my oldest daughter and I tackled her room.

I say ‘tackled’ because a major overhaul was required in there.

While she has daily chores and responsibilities within her own room, things still have a way of piling up in there.

And one would think that the daughter of a self-proclaimed clean freak would be super organized herself….that is not the case.

My daughter is 14 and has her own bedroom. As parents we have allowed each child’s personality to shine through in their bedrooms.

However, we still have expectations in their bedrooms and even at 14 my daughter needs reminders to effectively manage her room at times.

And in the past month we moved the items that she uses for work into her bedroom and created a work station for her in there.

She works as an apprentice designing equestrian jackets for a job. As she has matured in this field, she works on her own as well, but needed a space to do so.

The work involves bulky dress forms, tons of gem stones and beads, and material. She requires a lot of table top space and actual space in her bedroom.

If this space is not managed, it can take over a room; which is what happened in her room.

She had become overwhelmed and managing it all, and it showed in her room and in her attitude.

Yesterday, was a lesson for both of us on patience and sticktoittivness as we decluttered, organized, and cleaned her room. We started in the morning and stopped by dinner time.

Some lessons and reminders:

1. No matter what age, a child needs their parent for guidance.

2. Parenting involves hard-work and can be very time consuming.

3. Managing the home means that often the bulk of the work and the organization of the work falls upon us as women.

4. Children will often fail to live up to our expectations and how you handle those disappointments can make or break a relationship at times. Do you handle your child’s disappointments with grace and dignity? Or do you immediately show your disappointment and tell your child how they ‘let you’ down?

5. Our children are watching us more than you realize. Mothers, we are their greatest teachers….choose your words and actions carefully.

Be blessed,

Stephanie, Training Keepers of the Home

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