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New Year and Some Exciting News on the Blog

Finally, its 2019!

A new day.

A new week.

A new month.

A new year.

New beginnings.

And just like the Lord’s mercies that are new each morning, you and I have been given a new start. A fresh start.

What are you going to do with your fresh start?

What changes do you want to make? Or need to make?

What is stopping you from making 2019 the year that you accomplish your goals?

What is on your heart?

Where do you feel the Lord leading you in your life as a woman, wife, mother, sister, daughter, and friend?

As for me, I have goals that I want to achieve.  

Did you notice that I said goals instead of resolutions?


Resolutions are almost always destined to fail because are they difficult to measure successfully.  You can read more here on why I use goals instead of resolutions.


In the two years I have been blogging, my goals have changed and the more I narrowed down my audience to specifically teaching Biblical womanhood and Christian homemaking: I have seen the Lord do some great things.

He has provided a platform for me to minister to thousands of women on marriage, parenting, homemaking, frugality, Scriptural truths, and for those women to share their stories with each other.

It has been such a blessing to be able to minister to women seeking out God’s will for their marriages, families, and homes. 

And here at Training Keepers of the Home, it is an honor to continue to encourage and help equip women in their roles.

One question that I am asked over and over with is, “How do I get my home cleaned and keep it that way?”.   It ranks as one of the top questions on the blog through social media and emails that I receive. 

If you are thinking, that is email is directed at you, maybe you are one of those who have asked me this very question.  If so, keep reading…..

Of course, we know that a clean home should not be our only focus as homemakers.

Nor should our peace come from a clean home.  We must be careful not to focus only on the exterior surfaces of our homes and completely miss ministering to the hearts of our family.


Our time is limited and our family need us to be there every single step of the way. 

As keepers of our home, we should strive to be the best we can in all areas, and one of these areas is having a smooth and efficiently run home.  

And if you are struggling in your homemakling skills, you often struggle in other areas a mom and wife.

Do you get overwhelmed at the chaos and clutter in your home?

Do you struggle to maintain a routine?

Do you lack the skills that a successful homemakers should have?

If so, my new course is made just for you.

I want to teach you how to aim for progress not perfection.

This course will teach you how:

*Organize your home
*Declutter your home
*How to clean your home
*The purpose behind cleaning your home
*Develop a routine and follow a routine
*Eliminate distractions
*How to stay motivated and much much more.

More details will follow this email regarding my course, “How to Get Your Home Clean and Keep it That Way”.

Until then, have a blessed day and a Happy New Year.

Stephanie Malcolm

P.S.  If you are interested in this course, please respond to this message. I would love to hear from you.

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