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Need Help with Getting Motivated as a Homemaker?

Overcoming Discouragement in Homemaking

In our homemaking ministry, burnout and discouragement is a real problem.

Often a lack of motivation can cause discouragement and burnout in our homemaking routines as wives and mothers.

The Reality of Homemaking

Work still needs to get done.

Meals must be cooked because your family needs to eat.

Clothes get dirty and need to be washed.

Kids will have to be dropped off and picked up.

Our husbands need their lunches packed, attention from us, and their clothes ready for work.

The tasks may feel as if they are never-ending.

You may feel that it is even pointless to attempt any of them.

Busy Schedules as Homemakers

Our schedules as mamas and wives are jammed packed.

And it is difficult to even do them when there is no energy or motivation. Let alone even having or finding the joy in serving our families.

Being a mom is more than putting on a Little Miss Susie Homemaker apron and singing while we work. It is about serving our families.

Homemaking is a ministry, a calling.

How to Overcome Discouragement and Find Your Motivation

The Lord did not give us chores and tasks to do to ruin our lives. It is possible to find joy among the mundane.

Simplify: First you need to simplify your life. Get rid of the chaos and clutter. Declutter, clean, and organize.

Develop a schedule and routine that works for your family.
Set realistic expectations based on what your husband and children need and want. Put those in your family first.

Alone Time: Set aside time just for yourself to read, relax, sleep, or exercise. We all need some alone time. Don’t feel guilty about this time. You have deserved it.

*Word of caution concerning self care. Anything in excess can become an idol in your life. Set aside time, but make it appropriately balanced to your life, needs, and budget.

Pretty Your Home: Make your home all about your family. Make it comfortable. This can be done on a budget. Put up pictures of friends and family. Find pretty inexpensive items at the thrift store, Dollar General, or Walmart. It is amazing how a new candle, blanket, or decoration can completely transform a room.

Eliminate Distractions: There are many things that threaten to monopolize our schedules and steal our precious time in homemaking. Learn what the biggest timewasters for homemakers are and how to overcome them.

Ladies, you are doing a great job and I want to help you do a better job and encouragement to find the motivation and truly love what you’re doing in this ministry of homemaking.

Learning to find an attitude of gratefulness in homemaking.

Be blessed,

Stephanie, Training Keepers of the Home

3 thoughts on “Need Help with Getting Motivated as a Homemaker?

  1. I love when you said this regarding self care and rest -“Don’t feel guilty about this time. You have deserved it.” Moms pour out so much and do so much for everyone else, but themselves. Thanks for sharing this great article.

    1. We ought to be able to take some time for ourselves after we have served everybody to be rested and restored. Praise God for that.

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