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Readers Favorite Blog Posts on Marriage, Money, Parenting, and Life Lessons in Christian Homemaking and Biblical Womanhood

I write because I want to teach others to not make the mistakes that I did early in my marriage, parenting, and in my faith walk.

There were many peaks and valleys for me to get to this point where I could minister from a Titus 2 platform, that is, an older women teaching the younger women the following.

“Likewise, teach the older women to be reverent in the way they live, not to be slanderers or addicted to much wine, but to teach what is good. Then they can urge the younger women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled and pure, to be busy at home, to be kind, and to be subject to their husbands, so that no one will malign the word of God. Titus 2:3-5

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As a blogger, I have access to a handy dandy tracking tool that provides me with analytics. What this tells me is the who, what, when, where, and how of my audience.

But my favorite feature of this tool is that it tells me what everybody’s favorite blog post is and what topic they searched for in order to find my article.

Below are ten of my readers favorite articles from Training Keepers of the Home.

Why Every Married Couple Should Have a Joint Checking Account

Fifty years ago most mothers stayed home with their children while their husbands worked.  And nearly all of them had only one bank account for the entire family.

Fast forward fifty years later, and nearly half of married couples that have joint accounts also have individual ones.   What are some of the reasons why that has changed?

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13 Depression-Era Lessons That I Learned

My great grandparents were a very important part of my life.  Life at their farmhouse stood still when you were there.  I can still see my grandma (just barely over 4 ft) standing at the kitchen counter making her famous cinnamon rolls.

I can clearly remember my grandfather sitting on the front porch in his glider. For eighteen years I had my great-grandfather and my great-grandmother died when I was 29 years old. How blessed I am to have had my great grandparents in my life for so long.

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Four Ways to Show Respect in Marriage

In Ephesians 5:33 Paul wrote about respect, stating that “…..the wife (must see to it) that she respects, and delights in her husband (that she notices and prefers him and treats him with loving concern, treasuring him, honoring him, and holding him dear.)” AMP (Amplified Bible)

The concept of respect within the boundaries of marriage has diminished over the years. Divorce is commonplace and for far too many it is the go-to option when there is marital strife. Many spouses report feeling disrespected by their spouses and just as many say they have also lost respect for their spouse.

Four Tips for a Holy Marriage

Married couples often think back to the beginning stages of a relationship and remember those days of warm fuzzy feelings. Remember when you and your husband could hardly get enough of each other?

Do you remember talking for all hours of the night? It did not matter what you did as long as you were together.

You would never be able to imagine that after a few years of being married that those feeling would diminish or change, would you? That what you found cute or interesting, would someday irritate or bore you to death.

It is going to happen. One day you will be looking at your husband and wonder “who exactly did I marry” or you may be thinking “why I don’t even like you right now.”  These feelings and thoughts happen. Trust me, they just do.

Why Debt is Bad For You

Once upon on a time, there was a girl who graduated college and was excited to begin her future.  With stars in her eyes and a wedding ring on her left hand, she landed her first teaching job and bought her first home with her new husband. The new husband was a design engineer and both were bringing home some good bacon.

The girl and boy were living the dream.

Each had their own car and spent money on whatever they wanted.

The girl shopped nearly every weekend.

The boy spent money and bought expensive parts for his dune buggy.

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Biggest Time Wasters for Homemakers

How Do You Manage Your Time?

Is your day full of distractions? Or do you manage it well? Did you know that there are timewasters and distractions that prevent homemakers from effectively managing their homes?

Everybody has the same amount of time per day. 24 hours. Seven days in a week. 365 days a year. There is one thing that you cannot change and that is the amount of time we have on any given day.

As a wife and mother,  it is up to you how to spend your time during the day. Think about your day and how you spend your time as a wife and mother.

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Nine Reasons Why You Should Have a Clean Home

By providing your home with a clean atmosphere and no clutter taking up precious space; your family will have the space to be creative. Creativity thrives in an organized environment.

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Lessons for Raising Daughters to be Godly

In the almost fourteen years I have been raising children, five of them have been girls.  Currently, we have five girls ages 3 to almost 14 under our roof, along with our ten-year-old son. The minute my first daughter was placed in my arms, life changed at that moment.

People joke that she is a mini-me, but in all reality, she is her own person.  She was known to God before she was born to me. Delicately and intricately, she was woven together in my womb by the Maker’s hands. He made no mistake when she was created, personality and all.

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Home Wrecker or Home Builder?

So, what is a wise woman? And defines a foolish woman?

Wisdom is the main theme woven throughout the book of Proverbs. Wisdom is “to become wise in the habit of receiving and acquiring God’s wisdom. To discriminate between what is good and evil from God’s perspective, To receive instruction and to exercise correct judgment, Intelligent, sensible and endued with reason and using it. Wise from the experiences of life and of human affairs and relationships, Skilled in divine things, stores God’s wisdom in the heart. (Harley Howard Sermon)

On the other extreme, there is foolishness. Foolishness throughout the book of Proverbs is seen in those who do not take God’s perspective on things.

And, last but by far the most viewed and shared is the Keeper of the Home Series….

Keeper of the Home Series

Because our roles as the keepers of our home are so diverse and the essential calling of our life, the Keepers of the Home Series was created.  As women we often need encouragement in our daily lives and the resources to go assist us.

This series covers the duties and responsibilites in our position as managers of our home, as wives and mothers, and much more.  It covers the wide array of areas in which we are called to work, such as:




*Finances and frguality

*Spiritual Growth

*Menu planning and food preparation

Through this series, I pray that it becomes a blessing to you in your Biblical homemaking journey.

Readers Favorite Blog Posts on Marriage, Money, Parenting, and Life Lessons in Christian Homemaking and Biblical Womanhood

You can access the free series, here……KEEPER OF THE HOME

I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I did writing it.

Be blessed….

Stephanie, Training Keepers of the Home

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