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My Ideal Mother’s Day

My ideal Mother’s Day……Picture this…..It’s the morning of Mother’s Day, the birds are singing outside and a gentle breeze is flowing in through my windows. My sweet children have made and delivered me breakfast in bed. The meal is the most delicious food I have ever tasted. My adoring husband is standing there besides our six little loves with a bouquet of my favorite fresh flowers. I would be served perfectly buttered toast, a healthy smoothie, and hot scrambled eggs with a cup of hot tea.

The Reality

More than likely I will be woken up by the sound of the smoke alarm going off in the kitchen. The kids will be in the kitchen fighting over who gets to scramble my eggs. The blender without the top on it would be spewing its contents all over the kitchen.  By the time the food is served the eggs will be rubbery, the toast burnt, and my tea ice cold. Not exactly my favorite type of breakfast, but still I will eat it.

As moms, we know that we want to happen and what really happens are often two different scenarios. Of course, I would love to be served breakfast in bed and be able to read a book as my children cleaned the house. However, I know that I will be the one to do the majority of the cleaning.  And there will not be any peace and quiet.  This is a far cry from an ideal Mother’s Day because the reality of the situation is so completely different.

There are many frustrating moments and less than ideal situations that we deal with as mothers.   However, we deal with these realities because we love our children. The love we have for our children is unconditional and that love allows us to overcome those types of moments. 

It comes to an end…

All those sleepless nights, toddler tantrums, and teething infants will soon come to pass. Gone will be the days of sassy teens slamming doors.  Also, gone are the times we will be surprised stepping on Legos in the middle of the night or learning that a child flushed a handful of toys down the toilet.  The sticky fingerprints on the window will cease and eventually all of our children will leave home.  These days are fleeting mamas.

Soon all we will have left are the memories of our children when they were at home. Those less than ideal Mother Days will soon become etched in our memory as the perfect type of Mother’s Day. So until that day comes and your children leave home; learn to embrace the messes, constant interruptions, and frustrating moments.



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