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Mom: Why You Have the Best Job in the World

Mom: Why You Have the Best Job in the World

When I was in college, there was no doubt that when I graduated, I would join the workforce. When I became pregnant as a newly married senior in college, I didn’t even think I would take the normal 6-week maternity leave.


I was taught to believe smart women worked, and those who stayed home couldn’t wait to return to work when the kids went back to school.


Then, little Liv came and this delicious, chubby baby stole both my heart and my desire to be anything other than mommy and homemaker. As the days of returning to work came closer, my heart felt ripped apart.

I couldn’t return and for the last 16 ¾ years, I have stayed at home as a mom.


Our Calling as Moms


As my littlest gets closer to school age, I’ve had numerous people ask me if I’m excited to return to work. When I say I’m not returning to work, these people look at me like I’ve grown an extra head.


Why has society turned being a mom and homemaker as something that’s bad?


In 2017, 70% of mothers with children under the age of 18 years old were in the workforce, with 75 % of these mothers working full time.


I get it; some women would love to stay at home, but they need to work for their families. Other women can’t stay home because their kids are better served being watched by someone else.


However, what about us who choose to be home? Why can’t society see the value in moms/wives choosing to stay at home whether their kids are at home or not?


The Calling of a Stay At Home Mom


Why should we be made to feel deprived or like a freak of nature?


If I’m honest, these years at home have been hard mentally. I’ve felt guilty for wasting a college degree and frustration at the lack of mental stimulation. I’ve had moments where writing out the words “homemaker or mother” have brought me shame and made me feel worthless.


As I look back, I feel embarrassed I have felt like this. When I look at what God says, I should be wearing these words as though they are a badge of honor.


Losing the Significance of Mothering


Could the devil like to have us feel this way so we aren’t content with the calling God has for us?


Most people can say that family is the most important thing in the world, but yet, why doesn’t society put high esteem on moms and homemakers?


Increases in stress, anxiety, and depression, and behavioral problems in adolescents are on the rise, but yet, no one draws the conclusion: is it due to mom’s being gone from home full time?

The Bible says in 1 Timothy 5:14 and Titus 2:5, we are supposed to work in the home and keep the home. Could the increase in a divorce be due to this also?


It’s been said that the mother is the thread that keeps the family together. Our society seems to be unraveling.


As a mom, how do I instruct my children or even youth I interact with to understand the high calling of mothers within the home as they grow into adults with marriage and their own families in the near future?


Why is Christian Mothers’ Job at Home So Important?

  • Raising children to follow after God.
  • Our kids need us to encourage, guide, love and support them.
  • Maintaining a home, not a house. It’s a safe haven where it’s peaceful and comfortable.
  • Experts on our own kids. Not leaving the raising to someone else.
  • Quality and quantity time with our kids. If you aren’t there, someone or something will replace you.
  • We are changing generations to come,
  • Serving God while we raise his children.


“Most of the noble characters and fine leaders of history have had good, God-fearing mothers.”
~Billy Graham


Our influence as mothers can never be measured until someday when we are in Heaven.


Realizing our awesome responsibility and calling as a mom and homemaker, how do we forge ahead in a society that doesn’t value us as God does?

Embracing our Role as Mom

We ask God to give us wisdom and guide us (Psalm 121:2).

When seasons are hard, we pray for God to comfort us (Isaiah 66:13).

Spend time in God’s word growing in our calling and worth.

Make a commitment even if it’s countercultural to our husband and kids.

We serve God as we serve our families.

Accept persecution and suffering as sacrifices to Christ in our calling.

Realize that guilt, frustration, and feelings of failure are thoughts from the evil one.

Pray that our children will grow more in faith as we do this labor in love.


A woman’s place is in the home isn’t a derogatory quote, but rather a quote of importance.


In order to influence and affect generations to come, a woman needs to spend time in her home.


Being Generation Changers for Our Children

One of the greatest pieces of wisdom given to me when I was a young mother was from another mother of five kids. She said, “when you’re children are all in school, you’ll have the urge to get a job. But remember you need to be the one who is home after school when your kids need someone to talk to. If you’re not there, they will find someone else/thing to connect to whether it’s a boy/girl or drugs. They need someone to be interested in them.”


This has always stayed with me. As my kids have gotten older, they need me more emotionally than physically but as long as my kids need me, I will be here for them.


“All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

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  1. Haha. I am not returning to work — I never left! I wonder what like would have been like to live in an era where traditional family life was more prevalent.

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