Struggling With Your Prayer Life as a Mom?

Mom prayer life

It is hard to pray at times.

Mom brain can zap all of our energy and cause us to lose our focus.

Prayer is often the last thing on our minds, especially on those days that we struggle to even get a shower.

Yet prayer is essential to a thriving spriritual life, especially for the mothers.

Heavenly Communication and Why We Should Pray

“Prayer is how we communicate to our heavenly Father.”

Often the very reasons that prevent us from praying are the very reasons that we should pray.

However,  if we pray even when we don’t feel like praying, but do so in practice we are being disciplined. Being disciplined in prayer is not some sort of legalistic way of doing things. Becoming disciplined in prayer allows us to move forward when we are confused, overwhelmed, angry, and scared.

By being disciplined even when we don’t feel like it, takes the focus off of us and puts our focus on the Lord.  By focusing on the Lord, we are putting our trust in Him, instead of us.

Prayer is how we open up our hearts and lay our burdens at the feet of Jesus.

Prayer is showing God that we trust Him enough to go to Him first before anything else.

Prayer is how we confess our sins, seek wisdom, share our thoughts, praise God, petition Him, cry out in pain/fear/joy/heart ache/happiness, and seek clarity on a situation.

Struggling with Prayer

If you are struggling in your prayer life because you find it boring, too dificult or routine, or confused because you don’t know what to pray; here are some suggestions.

*Pray through Scripture.
A good starting place is Psalms and Proverbs. Start reading them as a prayer lifting up praise to God. As you’re reading the words become your prayer. If you come to a verse you don’t know, go over for now. You may find the next one is what your heart needs to hear.

*Make this a daily habit. 
Psalms are a great way to begin praying and Proverbs are a great way to end.

Psalms lift up praise and adoration for our heavenly father.

mom prayer life

Proverbs implores us to become spiritually disciplined, seek wisdom, and learn how to become obedient.

*If you find that you’re too tired to pray. Try holding your Bible in your hands and read standing up.  

This prevents you from sleeping or becoming distracted. It causes you to focus on the words before you.

*If you are in a stage of life with young children, or are super busy and lack time.   As a mom of six children under the age of 14, I rarely get alone timeWhat I have learned to do is to pray pray while  cooking, cleaning, or driving.  These are often my best prayers times.  While doing tasks, I have created a vibrant prayer life because I am always doing tasks. And as mom’s our jobs never end, there will always be task onhand; and learning how to take advantage of those times can create an improved prayer life for you as well.


Ladies, I may not know you’re struggles. But I do know what it is like to be a busy mom and wife.

I know what its like to be so tired.

I was pregnant and/or nursing for 13 years straight, with seven children  (our son David died shortly after his birth) all born less then 10 years apart.


And I want to encourage you to find the time to pray.

It is so important to find the time to pray.

If these words find you in a place of discouragement, allow me to encourage you with these words from Matthew 7:7, “”Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

Be blessed,

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