Mommylicious, Chief Receiver of Complaints


My day began when the baby dropped an entire cup of Cheerios all over our stairs. Because I was busy making breakfast,  I gave the broom and dust pan to my nine year old son and had asked him to sweep it up.

Ten minutes later my son was in the kitchen, sitting on the bar stool at the island, and eating his breakfast.

As he was sitting there casually swinging his legs, I asked him, “where did you put the broom?” Son: “On the stairs” Me: “Where is the dust pan?”

Son: “On the stairs”

Me:  “Where are the Cheerios?”

Son: “In the dust pan”

Me: “Why are they still in the dust pan?”

Son: “The baby was eating them”

Me: Sigh…..”Please go get them….” So began my Sunday….

Maybe I should introduce myself here by saying, “Hi, I am Steph. I am a people-pleaser. Today I made a few people angry.  It is not settling well with me.”

I made a few people angry today. I had to enforce some rules. It did not go over very well. It was not my intention to anger anybody, but a few rules over a new policy being implemented caused some anger being directed my way.  The situation has yet to be resolved….

But on another note. Since we have had really nice weather lately my children have been outside for hours. Hours in the dirt and sunshine. Hours on their bikes and the trampoline.

We just spent the last five months dealing with all sorts of snow and more time inside than in the summer months.

Nice day #1+ kids playing for hours = Kids who sleep well

Nice day #2 + kids playing for hours = Kids who are overtired and cranky Yeah, today was tiring.

At some point today all the kids had meltdowns of various degrees.  Meltdowns occurred over harsh words and hurt feelings.

Mom is the recipient of all complaints. Maybe I need to change my title to “Mommylicious, Chief Receiver of Complaints.” I should have preceded this by having said that all of these occurrences take place with my husband, their father in the same room. Less then six feet away.  Each child walks right past their father and into my presence.

He enjoys not having to handle complaints, whining, and settling of the sibling disputes. I do not enjoy the fact that I have to handle them. ALL.THE.TIME.

Hearing the complaints all the time can wear a person down. Some days are worse than others. Today was one of those days.  I went to that place no mother wants to go.  Sheer exhaustion. No amount effort on my part was going to change the situation. I could not put my children to bed at 6:00, even though I wanted to.

I knew they were tired. I know they have days like that, because I do, too. I could have the children each go their own ways. I could have sat and stewed in my own pitiful manner. Or I could make a positive choice. I chose to be positive.

So, instead our entire family went for a walk on our property.  One hour later all of us came back with restored moods and improved attitudes. Our evening ended with a family devotion and homemade slushies on the front porch.   Night and day difference. wood-926724_1920.jpg

You know in the summer in the summer when the grass is dry and the ground is parched?  Often a cool rain will fall to revive the thirsty ground.  Withered grass turns green again. Dry, hard ground becomes soft to walk on again. Everything looks better after the rain. The sun peeks out and begins to shine. The world looks brand new.

Just like the refreshing rain of summer, God’s grace is also refreshing .  He renews me. He revitalizes me. In Jeremiah 31:25, we are reminded that He “will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint.”  Matthew 11:28 tells us that,  “all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

You can get rest. You can find renewed strength. Not the kind of rest you find after a nap, but true rest. Rest for your soul. You alone are not meant to carry your burdens.  green-996630_1920.jpg Scripture is given to refresh us as part of God’s ongoing and generous process of restoring, repairing, and remaking us. Are you being refreshed daily by the Word of God? If not, why not?

6 thoughts on “Mommylicious, Chief Receiver of Complaints

  1. Thank you for this post. I had to laugh as you stated that your kids walk past dad and bring their complaints to you because mine do the same…even if I am not in the same room as them and dad is. Kids are funny that way.

  2. Thanks for sharing. It made me laugh reading the first part when you nine year old child left the dust pan and had let the baby eat the Cheerios. Funny little fellows. 😄

  3. This is a beautifully written post! First of all, I love the title, Chief Receiver of Complaints! I may borrow that for my own house! And my kids totally walk past my husband to ask me for something; why do they do that?!?! I love how you turned it around and made a positive end for the day! And Yes! Turning to scripture for strength is what helps me too. Your post makes me think of the verse, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. On my own, I can’t be at my best self with my kids all the time, but when I ask God for help, he can help me be just that!

  4. Your husband is a lucky man! I am so impressed that you chose to leave the situation for awhile and just enjoy your children in another less stressful setting. Too bad your husband doesn’t want to be more involved in that particular aspect of parenting. But in the absence of his involvement, you are doing a wonderful job. Relying on the Lord is a great way to do it!

    1. I did not mean to portray my husband as uninvolved as a parent. He is very much so, but the children just go to me on certain things. It was meant to be humorous. There are certain things they skip right over me and go to their father on, too.

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