Mommy Blogger Series: Keepers of the Home

For the Love of Writing

I love writing and by the age of 42, I have been writing for the majority of my life.  Just as the types of writing changed over the years, so has the purpose and intent of my writing.

As a child, I wrote to be creative. When I was a teenager, my writing was therapeutic and allowed me to vent over angst during those years. However, now as an adult, I write to inspire and educate.

Back in 2016, I began to blog and an entirely new world of writing opened before my eyes. Blogging allowed me to write on topics that were near and dear to my heart.  The more I learn about blogging and the needs of an audience, I have discovered that many readers follow and subscribe to blogs for inspiration, entertainment, and educating themselves. One of the most popular blog topics is, “A Day in the Life of a _________ Blogger.” Using this knowledge, combined with my desire to reach my audience I decided to do a Mommy Blogger Series: Keepers of the Home. 

Whether you are a blogger or not, this series has a lot to offer and I hope that you will have the opportunity to learn and be encouraged in your role as wives and mothers.


Maybe you are looking for some tips to help you become better organized and get rid of the clutter once and for all.

Perhaps you are struggling and need help sticking to a schedule.

Do you need some motivation or encouragement in some areas of your marriage, parenting, or household?

What is your true purpose as a wife and mother?

Through this series, you will be able to see how a busy mom of six children manages her home, shares her expertise in homemaking and housekeeping, and how you can live a life fulfilled as a keeper of your home.

The Release

The release of this series has been delayed two times so far, both situations out of my control.  However, on March 15 the series will be released!!!

Sneak Peak

Here are some of the articles that you will have access to in the Mommy Blogger Series:

  • Bless This Mess

  • Mom’s Why You Have the Best Jobs in the World

  • Six Tips for Cutting Clutter

  • How to Meal Plan Like a Pro

  • Biblical Homemaking: Why Its About So Much More than Chores

  • Large Family: Routines and Daily Chores

  • Cleaning: Products, Tips, and Helpful Hints

  • Tips to Help You Become Successfully Organized

  • Daily Quiet Time: What Does that Look Like for You?

  • Frugal Tips to Help Save Your Family Money

A Little Help from Friends

I had the opportunity to work with some great Christian women on this series and am so thankful for their submissions. I truly appreciate all of their time, patience, and effort as well.  Being a mom and wife, as well as being a blogger is a full-time ministry.

I pray that you are as blessed by this series as I was working on it.


Training Keepers of the Home

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