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Mom, mom, mommy, mother?

MOM! MOM! MOM! Kid #1 “Mom, mom, mommy” Kid #3 interrupting kid #1, “MOM!” Kid #6 “Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy” (interrupting all the others) Me:” Quit mommying me to death.” Kid #1 “Mom?” Me: “I changed my name. I will no longer answer to anything you previously called me” Kids: “To what? Mommy, mom, mother, mommy?” Kid #3 “Mommylicious?” Me: “Yes?” Seems lately I hear my name at least a million times per day.  Every time I make a move, my name is called. Every time I answer the phone a child randomly calls out “Mommy”. Or if I go to the bathroom, a child needs a sandwich.  Read this story about lack of peace and quiet, and sandwiches. I can do this I tell myself. I will survive this thing called motherhood.  Some days I wonder who is harming who more.  Other days I feel like I have it all under control, like maybe I am not messing up my kids as bad I as previously thought. I do know one thing,  I need grace. Lots and lots of grace. Grace is unconditional love towards somebody that does not deserve it   Some have commented that I seem to “have it all together and must be so patient.” HA! I struggle like everybody else when it comes to patience and yelling and even nagging. However, I have been given grace. I am not a perfect parent, nor will I pretend to be. I am so thankful for His grace. My husband and I parent day-by-day “as we seem best” (Heb. 12:10) at that time.   We make mistakes, as do our children. I do not deserve grace for the mistakes I make as a parent, but because God loves me He gives me grace.It does not mean that I am not responsible for my actions.   I still have to seek forgiveness for my actions.  However, there is good news! In 2 Corinthians 12:9 it is stated that “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”  And I am thankful, because in those bad days when I just want to hide in my closet and stuff my face with Oreo’s He is there. He gets that I am sad, hurt, angry, and overwhelmed. He knows that I love my children despite the fact I yelled “stop yelling” for the twentieth time that day.  He knows my heart. He loves me despite my shortcomings. I am eternally grateful for His grace is sufficient for me. Do you know His grace is sufficient for you, too?

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