Modest swimsuit options for girls, 'tweens, and teens

A quick glimpse at practically any clothing store and you can quickly determine there are some very skimpy styles out there. Skintight and short tops. Sheer clothing is very popular right now. Cleavage-bearing tops and booty hugging bottoms grace the racks of both stores and females  of all ages alike. And if you are like me you know how difficult it can be to find a suit for yourself, one that you like, fits, and you would actually wear. Now imagine trying to dress five girls in modest swimsuits. My children practically live in their swimsuits all summer long. The problem is finding one that my girls will actually wear and have it be one that their father and approve of. The Bible clearly states that women should adorn themselves with proper clothing, modestly and discreetly…” (1 Tim. 2:9) Modesty is one of those words that has different connotations to different people.  For the sake of this blog, we will be referring to the style of dress when discussing modesty. The word modestly here means “with shame and bashfulness.” For example, not shamelessly flaunting bodies, but having a sense of careful dignity and being guarded even in the way we dress. The word discreetly means “to keep hidden” that is, keep your body or certain parts hidden. For some dressing modestly may conjure up images of the Duggars in their long skirts. (By the way, I adore the Duggar family and am in no way bashing their style of dress, this was strictly for comparison sake). Dressing modestly does not have to be unfeminine clothing styles that are drab or shapeless, or even out of style. True beauty does not come from what you look like or what you wear. Please do not think you have to wear unstylish or even ugly clothing to dress modestly. Okay, just to be sure we’re on the same page. True beauty should not be from what you wear on the outside,  it is what is on the inside makes you beautiful. Dressing modestly does not mean wearing a flour sack, long hair, and bloomers when you go swimming. There are options for your girls. Enter Secret Keeper Girls. If you have not heard of Secret Keeper Girl than you are in for a treat. Secret Keeper Girl is aimed at the often forgotten about set of ‘tweens, ages 8-12 (my 13 year old girl loves their stuff, too). Secret Keeper Girl is all about building strong relationships between mother and daughters in the ‘tween age set using Biblical principles.   Many topics are discussed and reinforced at their events, materials, and online resources. With summer right around the corner it is that time of year that my girls are taking stock of their swimsuit options. Some fit and some do not. For those that do not fit, it will be time to buy a new one. We need options. We do a lot of research before we buy.  I have included a link from SKG that helps you by providing the best options out there for modest swimwear. Let the shopping begin…..  

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