Mirror, mirror on the wall….

white-male-1871397_1920 Mirror, mirror on the wall....

“Do your kids all have the same father?”

“Just how many kids do you have?”

“Don’t you know what causes that?”

It is easy see a mom without her husband  and assume that her children have different fathers (even if mine all are blond haired blue-eyed children) or that she is on assistance of some sort. I have heard the whispers and comments made under their breath.  I can feel their stares. I get uncomfortable. In fact, I have gotten angry. But wait. Please do not feel bad for me. I am guilty of judging, too. We all do. Yes, even you. While some may say I have a ‘right’ to feel angry about the preconceived notions others may have of my family, that is not necessary the right attitude. These feelings are captured perfectly in the words of a post by my blogger friend, Jami Amerine, of Sacred Ground, Sticky Floors  She writes about her own experience when she in a Starbucks with her own children that have different fathers-gasp!  But wait….read her story before you judge her situation in her post.


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