Meal prep

1 hour is all we had in our busy morning.

One five year old and her mama.

Sun is shining. Baby is napping.

We worked together on prepping boiled eggs, Spanish rice, mango cookies, taco meat.

There were no distractions as my five year old and I went to work in the kitchen getting some meal prep done.

The boiled eggs will be for lunches and snacks this week. The mango cookies will later be shaped into 24 pigs for my son’s class for Valentine’s Day tomorrow. We will also top them with strawberry fluff frosting. The taco meat is a blend of ground Italian sausage and lean ground beef. We will eat tacos for a few days and then finish off the leftover meat with some taco bake for lunches and dinner’s as well. The Spanish rice was just simple enough for my five year old to do under my eye.

She is just learning the basics of the cooking, and cleaning up the kitchen. I enjoy these quiet times with her when her baby sister naps in the afternoon.

Next year she will be in school and I know I will miss her.


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8 thoughts on “Meal prep

  1. I felt good while reading about your time with your daughter. I enjoy such time with my mom too. Where we talk about anything we feel like and i learn from her about cooking and life.

      1. Oh, my! I remember when my oldest went off to kindergarten. I was proud and heartbroken at the same time. LOL Now he’s got 4 kids of his own and lives in a different state!

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