Managing Our Homes and Learning How to Keep it Clean

Time is important

Women are busy. Moms are busy. Wives are busy.

Our time is precious to us.

It matters how we manage our time. 

As the keeper of our home, we must strike the often delicate balance of all of our responsibilities.

Managing Our Homes
As the managers of our home; we do the cooking, cleaning, running children to appointments, laundry, grocery shopping, menu planning, organizer, running kids to sports practices, and much more.

We are a nurse, teacher, counselor, friend, playmate, and we carry many roles in the caring for our children.

We are the listening ear, prayer partner, and helpmeet to our husbands.

Of course, this is just a few of the things that we do as keepers of our

Each position we assume, carries a vital role in our ministry of

The Struggles
What I hear over and over from moms and wives just like you are the
struggles that you face in your roles.

The very reason I blog at Training Keepers of the Home, is to encourage,
equip, and educate women in their roles.

It is such a blessing to be able to teach and mentor women, especially
since I was once in your position.

I was failing at managing my home during the first few years of my

One of the biggest areas that I was struggling with was my housekeeping.

Even though I grew up a household where you could eat off of the floor,
those methods were not taught to me. Primarily because I failed to listen and learn.

How to effectively manage a home was beyond my scope of

Dishes often sat in the sink for days.

Laundry remained untouched.

I became overwhelmed at the thought of decluttering and organizing, let alone cleaning.

The Solution

Finally, one day I awoke and wanted to make a change.

My husband deserved better and so did I.

No longer did I want to be afraid of having guests over or be so
overwhelmed at the state of my home.

It took a lot of prayer, planning, and patience before I was able to
conquer the problem.

What I learned was that managing my home, was not my husband’s
responsibility, but mine alone.

I decided to take pride in my home and learn how to do it myself.

Once I took that burden off of my husband and took control, my attitude and outlook changed.

I developed a procedure that still works for me today (20 years later) in
managing my home.

No longer am I overwhelmed or distraught.

I love having guests over and consider hospitality a wonderful blessing to my family when we can serve others.

What is it?
This method below is what I follow.  It has not failed me yet.

This does not mean that my home is perfect.

My home is lived in and loved.  You can absolutely tell that a family of 8
people live here, with six of them children under the age of 14.

But….My home is acceptable when guests drop in at a moments notice.

And, when it comes to the cleaning of my home, it does not take up my
entire day. 

**Disclaimer. I want to add that even though the emphasis is on cleaning your home, that there is more to managing your home than just

How to Create a Happy and Healthy Home by Cleaning it and Keeping it Clean

This is a rough outline of what I do in order to effectively manage my
home, keep it clean, and have a happy and healthy family.

Effective Disciplines for a Clean Home
Spiritual life in order
Eliminate distractions
Gather tools

If you are interested in hearing more about this, let me know and I will
keep you updated on what I am working how so I can teach you

Be blessed, 
Stephanie Malcolm

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