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Living Virtuously: Chapter 14 and 15 Study Questions


Here we are more than halfway through this book. If you are anything like me, you finding this book such a delight to read. (If you are new to the book, you can find the study questions in order here)

I know I have been enjoying rereading this book again. Each time I read it, I find a new nugget of truth has been revealed to me, inspiring me to make that change.

ErinĀ Harrison has such a way with words as she teaches women how to become a virtuous wife and mother.

Each week is a new virtue that is expanded upon and delivered in such a way that it makes it easy to learn.

And this week we read about virtuous woman that is content and is compassionate.


*The virtuous woman is content to do the often mundane and repetitive tasks of homemaking. Yet she has such an attitude where she does not see it this way. She finds joy in the mundane.

*She follows a well-ordered routine and does it well.

*She seeks to please and serve her family and desires to have an efficient home.

*And a virtuous woman is a compassionate wife and mother.

*She is charitable and loves to find ways to help others that are suffering.

Woven througout the book is the common theme of choosing joy in our roles as the keepers of our home. These two chapters are no different, especially as they focus on being teachable as we strive for doing better as wives and mothers.


Won’t you please join me in this week’s study questions forĀ Chapter 14 and 15.


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